Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crew is Two!

 So back in April..

Crew had his second birthday! I was kind of over the big party, and with 3 kids it's alot of work to throw a party every single birthday. So park and pizza did the trick. Super casual, and you know what? I almost enjoyed it more that most the other big parties. Stress free pressure free, just relaxed fun in the spring evening.

Talk about getting older! Addison is growing up so fast I can't hardly stand it. I'm seriously just not ready for this little girl to be so grown up. The sassin is already starting but thank goodness she doesn't seem to notice boys yet. Just loves them as friends. I can handle that much.

 Crew and a ball. That's all this child needs to be happy.. not some crazy party.

All the sweet kiddos, showing their love to Crew boo..
Happy Birthday little man! Love you so much!

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