Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Heart Blossoms..

Happy Vday ya'll! This was our homemade valentines we gave to Grandparents and Teachers! I just happen to love them. I kinda think vellum paper is amazin. I bought a stack, not even the fanciest kind and have used it for so many projects. It lays over any of my clumsy handiwork and makes it seem ultra finished. Thank. you. vellum!  

And Thank you Oh So Delicioso for the many fun parties and photo ops you provide...the mustache pics of the kids are hilarious. I don't think the goofy mustache will fade out anytime soon. 

 These sweet little boys are quickly approaching 2! And they are as sweet as can be. Des and I laugh how Jack and Crew are so much a like {hyperactive, physical, bubbly, crazy, anything that requires lots of energy} and Bryce and Will are so much a like {sweet, pleasant, happy, chill, goofy}. And it is so ironic the way the personalities were paired. Like they were meant to be opposites together. The Crazy child with a Calm child. Hopefully they will balance each other out and be able to stand each other in the long run! haha, I think that it will be the calm child trying to keep the crazy child out of trouble.. at least in Will and Crew's case. Either way, they are sure sweet to watch play and laugh about.

And these lil girlies are starting to whisper more and more.. ... 
growing up way to fast. 


Desarae Fowler said...

I LOOOOOVE Vellum too. I use it for everything. and I love this post. I'm going to have to put up all our funny mustache pictures too :) so sweet. They are so funny. I don't want them getting forgotten.
I also love your paragraph about Will and Crew//Jack and Bryce. I'm probably going to cut and paste into my blog post. it is so true and you said it perfectly.

Kurt and Michelle said...

You have always been one of the most creative and talented people I know. I love your vision for all things beautiful! You kids are growing up so big,and they are all so darling!