Friday, January 11, 2013

because you tell us everyday

Oh my little sweetie pie Addi. I just love this little girl. I just love her little heart. The other day at the park, her coat was bothering her neck so I gave her mine. She ran off and played in comfort while I stood and shivered away in the wind. And that is just how I feel about her. I would just do anything for my girl. Because thats what moms do, we sacrifice on a daily basis to make life a little better for our families. They don't understand the sacrifice we make and they never will until they have to do it them selves. Maybe they thank us, but I guess that is not my hope. We just do it out of love. Yes I love you Addi. 

The other day in the car, on the way to school I said to the kids, "Hey guys you know what:?!" 
Kids: "What?!"
Me: "Did you know that I love you SO much, like a crazy lot?!"
Addi: "ugh, YES!"
Me: "You did? How?"
Addi: "Because you tell us like EVeryDay."
Me: "Good. I hope so. Because it's true."

I am by far not the all-star momma in town, I have a lot to work on. Stupid stuff stresses me out that shouldn't but at least I am blessed with my sweet babies to love on. Bryce is my heart. I couldn't be prouder of the strides he has made in speech therapy and preschool. A few years ago we thought he might be autistic, but it couldn't have be more off. I've worried so much about him and his social abilities and scholastic progress. Its is a mini-triumph to hear him read a book at age 4 and to know that he's just a little shy. 

And then there is Crew. Oh man, he is a handful. But with how much of a handful and destructive he is, he is probably the most aware and loving of them all. When the kids are gone at school he will wander the rooms and ask "nnnn add" "nnn biccc' meaning where's addi where's bryce. When we finally pick them up, just claps and smiles to see them. There isn't a minute that he doesn't stop following me around the house. He just picks up his toys and moves them where ever I am. He loves loves loves to snuggle in the towel after a bath, infact he expects it. If I just wrap a towel around him and don't actually pick him up, he looks at me and reaches up, begging for some squeezes. When I do he giggles like, that's right, that's how its done. He gives the best kisses. I'll admit that Crew has been my challenge, but it is not him, it is me learning how to handle his rambunctious spirit.  And Crew-Boo, I am up for the challenge. Bring it Mr. Baby, I love you anyway.

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Kurt and Michelle said...

You are such a great mom! I hope we get to live near each other again someday! We would have so much fun playing with kids and chatting! Miss you guys, hope you are oding well!