Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Outfits

Christmas was wonderful in Idaho! We froze our California hiney's and loved it! I'm not joking either, single digit temperatures. And lots of smiles and love about the white snowfalling down. I really didn't go all out for Christmas outfits this year, but I go the boys some new white shirts and freakin amazing red skinny ties from H&M kids. Addison's little dress and boys green pants were from Cotton On kids. (My 2 favorite stores for kids clothes, love them) Brandon wore a new tie and I some purple tights. That's about as fancy as we got! And I am actually really glad that I did it that way this year. I didn't spend alot of money on something they will only wear maybe 2-3 Sundays? Addison's dress she can even wear to school and be all cute in.

I may be biased but Addison is growing up so beautiful. And she is just so sweet. Growing incredibly fast. Her little (big) forehead just cracks me up. She has the hardest time wearing headbands. Either they are way to tight/don't fit or they just slip down the front of her head like in all these pictures. She eventually just throws them. She is not one to deal with high maintenance  I kinda love that about her. She is just happy as long as her hair is out of her eyes. I do her hair all cute and in a few hours it is mop around her face.
Brandon was attempting to make Bryce smile. Didn't work. Addi's head band is killing me! hah! More like a fancy sweatband. 

 You get one shot mom before I go back to my toys.
Yay for sweet cousins.

And naps! Crew was missing from the pictures because waking him from the nap was not even an option. This little man had some rough times on the trip. Since we have been home he has been so clingy and anxious. Either he is teething or the trip really threw him off. In the meantime, I am loving the extra snuggles.


Leslie Johnson said...

I have Addi's same big forehead!! I think she is a beauty, and headbands will just never really work.....its the hard fast truth! :)

Unknown said...

Love your cute little family! Glad you had a good time in Idaho and what a fun post on 2012 in review to see how much your kids have grown. What are your plans after graduation? Can't believe you are in almost the last rotation! exciting!!!

--Angie Guymon

Anonymous said...
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