Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Now that Christmas is done and I am lounging at my in-laws, blogging sounds nice :) I've also been reorganizing all my photos on my computer since it is about to crash do too lack of memory space. I take way to many pictures and don't delete enough! I don't know why it is so hard to delete pictures of your kids!? It's like your erasing a little moment in time of there silliness. I may not be a pack rat around the house,  but I have a problem when it comes to pictures! I'm trying to be better though. Really I only need a few, so over the last couple of hours I have deleted 2000 + pictures. My computer just lost about 50 pounds. 

While doing this though, I sorted through the last few years of pictures and found some just dear ones. My kids are growing up so so fast..and everytime their little faces change in the pictures it makes my heart squeeze a little. So here is a look at the last year in pictures. And just how crazy fast they grew.

Last Christmas...
 February at the Tide Pools

Eye Exams with Dad
A few rainy days..
Trip to San Diego..
 Played soccer and got hair cuts
Crew turned one and decided to walk

Then decided to go blonde.

We discovered that the boys look alot like Brandon as a child!

Addison turned six and graduated from Kindergarten!
Played at beaches and lakes.
 Went wild with Grandma!
 Took vacations
 Explored new beaches..
 Crew went from walking to running in a week.

Started first grade and preschool and soccer! 
Learned to wrestle and scored big at Halloween

Took lots of naps. 
2012 was a busy fun year. I am just so grateful for my little family and our little adventures. Hopefully 2013 will treat us well as Brandon wraps up school and we start the next chapter in our lives. Good memories, new beginnings.

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