Sunday, July 7, 2013

He can check your eyes now!

Yes it's finally here!!! Brandon graduated from optometry school! Four Friggin years later we are done! but not really. Yes he is officially an eye Doctor but we have decided to stay for one more year and complete a residency.

Saying that we decided to stay is a stretch.. we decided to apply for a residency- pediatric/vision therapy. Brandon interviewed at 5 schools along with hundreds of other applicants. Our schools of choice were here, Alabama, Oregon, New York, and Boston.

The way the application process works is after the interviews, every school and applicant lists their top choice. Then those top choices are matched as closely as possible. Our top choice was to stay here. SCCO has an excellent clinic and excels in pediatric and low vision. Naturally we wanted to stay, not having to move 3 kids across the country and away from family. We have so many loved friends and are comfortable in the area. Not to mention that I have a sweet job and can pick up hours when ever I

Our second choice was in Alabama. Their program just seemed unique and complete. They would also offer health insurance (huge deal). In the end, Brandon was chosen as one of two residents for this program! (At least 20 from his school alone applied). Sorry if I sound like I'm a little proud of him, but I really am. He has studied his tail off and worked so hard to get to this place. I am genuinely happy for Brandon. It's another year of poor "student" like life, but I think it will be worth it.

oh and he was given an award from "Excellence in Vision Therapy"at his graduation! I'm not bragging, just happy for my love. Good job sweet stuff. I really am grateful for ya.

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