Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stop the clock


Can someone stop the clock for 10.75 hours so I can just catch up with my life?! Meaning keep up with my kids? It seriously PAINS me that it is almost Christmas Time. I kinda get annoyed when I go to stores and see candy canes and holiday lights because it is another reminder on how behind I am. Just stop the clock for a little so I can catch up.

Any way. Christmas I'm not ready. I need to do my Halloween post, so you can just hold your horses and I refuse to buy any of your candycanes until I catch up just a little. Starting with this post.

SO happy Halloween forever ago!
I've been loving on this preset I have in lightroom but never feel its appropriate to use it, well... I think it fits rather nicely for Halloween. The kids were adorable.  I made the boys Sharks because Crew just DEMANDED he was one. Bryce agreed so poof. Shark Costumes.
I bought some costumes for Brandon and I because I am made of money. Oh bought them at a thrift store because I am made of money! That's right. High roller.

Addison had her own opinion about our Nautical theme. Beautiful Ballerina with hair in a bun and all.

I can't stop laughing at Addison. Apparently this is the face that ballerinas make? I don't get it haha! I asked her to smile like 5 times.

Now its time to skip back during the week when we went trick or treating at the SCCO school offices. The secretaries love to ooo and awe over the kids. Afterwards I took a few pictures of the boys in their costumes. I seriously love how they turned out. And only cost $17. TOTAL. for both combined. Beat that Target!

 hahahahahhahahahahah I just about pee my pants everytime I see this picture. Crew is SUCH a character! He makes the craziest faces and once in a while I am lucky enough to catch them.

 See that molar popping out? 2 more on the bottom are coming now ;/

Shark overload! Back to Halloween night......

The trick or treating caravan.. we went to our usual spot. The crazy people neighborhood who like to put on a show! Kids were so comfortable running up and asking for candy. It kinda weirds me out that they are so comfortable doing that?! 

(Mary Poppins photobomer!!)
And then we found this wall that made you look like you were on fiia!
We STILL have candy so I guess that means it was a successful night? And Christmas you may now come. Sorry I was so mean. Does anyone else every feel that way? I mean I am soo excited for the holidays I just wish they didn't come so crazy fast! Anyway.. I have a Downton Abbey episode waiting so I must be off.


Desarae Fowler said...

I loved your costumes this year. I thought they were genius. Some of those pictures make me laugh so hard too. I just love those kids.

Aubrey said...

haha! Thanks for always commenting Des, I'll publish the blog just for you :)

Ben and Krystle said...

I love the costumes!! I love the bicture of your little one with his mouth wide getting ready to chomp down on a little gold fishy!! Very cute!