Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chicca holds a Chic

It's about time I dedicate a post to this sweet thing. Addison is just growing like crazy. It is so weird to me to have a first grader. And I am quite sure that I will say that phrase for the rest of my life for every new stage she is in. Granted it will be weird to be 40 and have a 20 year old that could be on a mission or married. As for now she is 6 and I like it that way.

First grade has suited her well. Her little brain is reading, adding and subtracting. Amazing how suddenly it all clicked. Seriously it seemed like one day she woke up and decided to read. She loves school and her class. She attends an awesome elementary with a stellar teacher. Her teacher Mrs. Moyer used to teach a multi-age program, meaning various ages in one class with various levels of ability. This is awesome because now that she is in a tradition, she is planning on pushing the kids that are ready to advance on. Some are just not ready yet and so she can also focus on groups with them. Such an awesome class because if Addison is excelling she can just keep going!

This is her first grade picture! Such a cutie. I am dying over the picture choices. I think mine from 1991 were EXACTLY the same. The last is the winner. for 2012 anyway.
I also attended a field trip with her. We went to a farm. In the middle of OC. Yes, a little weird.
Even took a freeway to get there. Got stuck in some traffic :)

We had a good time learning about animals and chicks. 

 Beautiful eyes
Planted some turnips. Simple joys of experiencing the world! I think that is one of my favorite things about being a mom. Seeing my kids learn new things about the world and how they can just be amazed at something so plain. Reminds me that I need to be grateful for the simple days and quiet time. They really are the most impressive. And some of the best memories.
Oh and she lost another tooth. She's STILL trying to figure out why the tooth fairy only gave her 1 dollar when she gave her friend 10?! How dare she.


jacklyn said...

Great Blog! Nice Photos

Andy said...

hahaha love that one face on crew from the post after this one, and 10 bucks for a tooth? i remember when OUR tooth fairy only gave quarters!