Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Evening Well Spent

Des and I get a few perks from ohsodelicoso. Nothing to fancy just a night away in San Diego to watch Disney on Ice. On the way down we spotted the Temple and it lurred us over with its beauty. Seriously the most amazing temple. I love the Salt Lake but this one just wows me every time. After a few wrong turns and going in a extra big circle we finally ended up in the parking lot. (San Diego, I hate driving you. Your roads are a maze.) 
We took a few pictures.

Aren't those two just so cute? And I am currently looking for shoes just like Sydney's in my size. And Addison's dress.  

These cute little stinkers. Crew Boo and Will Bill. Don't mind their crusties. Those just kinda come with babies. I am enjoying this stage so much. They are so funny, learning to talk and understand directions. Becoming intentionally snugly and playful. And meschivious I might add. Crew is such a monkey these days, climbs up the bunk beds and jumps on the top bunk. OH no big deal at all that he might just fall 8 feet. He LOVES to jump off the couch and land on his bum. Loves to climb up the counter and switch the water on and off. Oh and the latest. He tried to climb out his crib. His sticky little toes pressed up the rails and he was stuck screaming hanging over the rail. Geez kid! 

Anyway back to the rendezvous.
 LOOOOOOOOVE this picture. 

Such a struggle to get pictures with everyone looking. Or smiling. Or even eyes open. After pictures and playing we raced over to the main event. And oooed and awed at alot of fancy ice skating. 

 Tada!! At the end we were a little exhausted. I had no hubby to help. Sometimes I think that it is easier to stay home with the kids. And it is. Less stressful, I don't have to worry about 15 potty breaks. Or forgetting the bottle or milk. Some days that it totally my choice. I just need a day of chill and peace at home. But every so often, its worth it to make a few memories and splurge a little for the kids. They love it. So its all worth it. Thanks SD for the good time. Fix your roads.

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Desarae Fowler said...

while I'm waiting for my pictures to upload I see that you have already posted about it! how funny. sisters for sure. So I stole a couple off your blog until I can get them in person. some of those are my favorite too!!! cute. can't wait to see the family ones