Tuesday, September 25, 2012

These Kids..

These kids are my life. And it's a pretty good life. 
 I'll be the first to admit it's not easy someday's. But the best things in life truly are the hardest.  

  We have started in a new family past time of wrestling and playing catch. Mostly because that is what Mr. Crew Boo wants to do. He is a very physical little guy. 

But he's learning to give kisses for all the owies he creates. (Sorry Addi!)

 He REALLY loves to play ball. Any ball. Just give it to him so he can throw it!! And his is breaking things all over too.. notice below.. first the throw at Addison., but it goes over her head and hits the curtains, you can see the plastic panel bending outward above Addison's head. Goin down, another one gone. Julio is not going to like us when we move out :)

Busted. (He knows it)
 Now this sweet boy.. Bryce. Just love him. I love to snuggle with him most for some reason. He just is sweet. He is maturing alot having started preschool, but at the end of the day he still wants mommy time and snuggles. (Hope that never goes away)
His best bud. (If Crew would stop beating Bryce up, he might win the best bud spot but not yet)

I love love love love this picture of Addison. Shows her funny 6 year old personality! She is just a silly thing. With teeth fallin out everywhere! Love it! SHE is an amazing little girl. Probably every other day she comes home with a "Blue Note" from her teacher which states that she was "CAUGHT" .. "Making good Choices"
 And back to Crew. Because when you have a baby everything revolves around them. He is soo close to 17 months. Tomorrow infact. He's getting kitchen smart. He knows where all the good snacks are hidden and in what cupboards. He knows where the string cheese and yogurts are in the fridge and what pockets in the diaper bag have the snacks. He also knows which side of the diaper bag is baba goes in. This is not good. Makes it hard when to hide things when he has already had 2 yogurts and eaten a whole bag of fishies. Stinker!

 He has a few words "MehMEH!!" (momma) Dont, No, Owe, UhOh, Ball, Hi, and the most recent.. "EYEBALL". I don't know why?!! BUT he can say eyeball very clearly!! {lol} so weird to hear that word coming from his baby mouth. Makes me giggle.

Oh and he can dribble a soccer ball better than alot of Addison's soccer team...


Desarae Fowler said...

love this post. beautiful pictures!!! and I love hearing your loving mama voice about these kids :) love them too.

livingston oden said...

great photos. I don't just mean the post i'm commenting on. I'm also a photographer and love to look at other peoples work. keep up the good work.

Ben and Krystle said...

well hello friend!! Your kids are getting SO big. I think you should probably start doing photography!! I think you really know how to capture the moment and you know how to work that camera too to get the best lighting and exposure and all that jazz. Miss ya bunches. Whish you were here!

dredwinf ford said...

love Your blog amazing pics>

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