Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sea World

Yay! I found a few more forgotten images and soo glad I found them... they are some sweet ones.

These are from the same quick trip down to SD. Day one was Torrey Pines Beach. Day 2 was Sea World, which is always a good time. And I have to confess.. I was a little lazy with my camera this trip. Sometimes I just want to get away from all the phones and cameras and just BE PRESENT. You know what I mean? Sometimes I feel so distracted about getting the picture of the moment and I miss actually ENJOYING the moment. 

 I know a few posts ago, I mentioned that I am was working on Simplifying life. Well it is coming a long, but what I have realized.. is that part of my business is just that fact that I have kids! hah! Only so much I can simplify there. SO I've come to just except most of it and filter the unnecessary.  (Somethings I keep around as 'my time' because I feel it is important to be a happy mother.) With that being said my main joy does come from my kids and family! So here are some pictures of our Sea World day.. and my lovely family. 

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Desarae Fowler said...

did you get all the ones I sent you through drop box. you have some super cute ones I need to add to my '12 summer pics. you need to add some of those pickle ones hahaha