Sunday, September 16, 2012

Forgot about this one..

While organizing my pictures (because sometimes lame things like that just have to be done) I found some pictures I forgot about (yay! maybe not so lame)

Over the summer, my family took a quick trip down to play! Since both Brandon and Nate were busy bees and unable to whisk us away to Idaho, they came to see us. So we went and explored a new beach, Torrey Pines.. not my favorite but any beach is nice. (The golf course was amazing though)

 Love these people.. eye's closed and all :)
(Eyes closed in every pic btw ~common des! )
 Mumsie teaching the proper way to sandcastle.
 Hard at work Play

 WOW way over exposed and unfixable :( I need to remember to switch it auto for the hubs. 
 Handsome lil bro Connor, ok not so lil at 6'5"  geez ya beast!
 the boys in HEAVEN. 

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