Sunday, September 2, 2012


So you might have heard the huge news.....!!!!

school started. ok, not so grand, but it is exciting for 2 reasons, Addison is in 1st grade! and Brandon is in 4th! Well his 4th year of optometry school. (finally). Which means come May and we will be having our selves a lil party. What the future holds after that is a mystery, but I'm sure we will be having fun where ever and what ever it maybe.

Every year Brandon's school hold's a BBQ pretty much every night of the first week of school. It helps all the transplants get welcomed and cozy. The big group one that we ventured to was cute. Complete with a flash mob and pie eating contest =>That Brandon was chosen for!! Lucky Duck! Here's a lil video with him smothering his face.

(Bryce and Addison are sitting on the right, Bryce in the Yellow Shirt next to Brandon's shoulder. Excited for their daddy!)

He was a mess afterwards... but took 2nd place! I didn't know he had it in him, good job babe. Definitely earned some bragging rights.

Now on to my Addi Pie and her first of first. The first day of school is always a whirlwind! So picture are blurry and crazy! School bells don't wait for pictures ma'am. So we snapped a few while dad pulled up the car. (I was so lucky Brandon was able to come.. last year was a nightmare with a jealous crying Bryce and hungry baby.)
  This was her pose of choice. Nice right!? She cracks me up. 

The emo ride over. Bryce misses his bud already. 
The Roadrunner!! School mascot! Saweeet.. that costume wasn't just thrown on now.. 

 Meeting the teacher for the first time and Crew gettin cozy. (I want that chair)

Hugs good bye and one last walking away shot because I have a lump in my throat but am so happy! 

She rocked the first week of school by the way.. already got an award from the Principal for "Responsibility." It's true too. She is a good egg. Her kindergarten teacher used to always laugh how she would finish her work then go pick up after everyone else. Then recruit the other girls to help out. .. I mean really? What 6 year old does that? (She doesn't know what a teachers pet is yet.. I'm going to have to explain that one someday) For now keep her loving and excited about helping and working hard. Don't think I deserve any motherly kudos either, its kinda just her personality. I'm a lucky duck too I guess.

ps. happy labor day.


Desarae Fowler said...

what a mascot! cracks me up!!

Desarae Fowler said...

oh and I think you deserve credit! we you have spent 6 years teaching that sweet thing to pick up toys and be nice to her brothers, help them, share with them. They have stuck by our sides being little mommies. you have taught her well and yes it shows!! such a good egg indeed :)