Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pismo Beach

We did a lot on day 2... 

Our last stop for the day was Pismo Beach. 


I love beach towns. Just this tiny lil city on the coast with an amazing beach and scenery. Part of the reason that is SO amazing is that it is NATURAL. The land surrounding it I believe is protected land so all us crazy peeps don't buy it up and build more shacks. I wish I could live there, but leaving it to its self is much more rewarding. 

We walked down the short strip and ate at Mo's BBQ. Highly recommend the taco's. Whaa? Yes.. BBQ chicken taco with coleslaw, lime and avocado. To DIE for. 

Bryce was the entertainment.. talking shoes are always a nice treat. 

......This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the entire trip.... 
3 sets of things to look at... the kids, the sign/window, and the street. 
Addison is pretty darn cute too. 

Then we ventured down to the beach. So Pismo has this beautiful pier that is elevated. The land just kinda drops off, so the beach is very low and smooth. With the hazy from the ocean breeze just makes it dreamy. The kids loved the long surf. Digging for sand crabs and finding a regular crab.  

One of those places that you can just sit and soak it in for hours. Happy as a clam. 

 Love this lil family. The other day, Bryce coined a new saying.. Brandon got home from clinic and he said, "I like you Dad! All day long!" We decided its important to like each other all day long.
 He is so sweet. Love my babies. 


Stephanie Anderson said...

amazing photography. seriously.

Kurt and Michelle said...

your kids are all growing up so big and ever so beautiful! LOVE the beach pictures, such a relaxing place:)

royce and aubree said...

Don't you love pismo we went there a couple times when we lived in fun! Miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!!!
Love you to the moon and back!
Beautiful mother beautiful thoughts and family.

That is what it is all about even in the tough times!

Pismo Beach said...

Lovely kids, gorgeous wife and amazing life. What else we need from life?