Monday, August 13, 2012

Still on Day 2...

Just out side of Hearst Castle was some coastline that was just gorgeous. And some people mentioned that there were a ton of seals close? We stop to admire and found no seals but plenty of sunshine and sea. We let the kids out to run wild chasing birds and admire the scenery. And of course take some pictures.  This portion of the day only lasted maybe 30 mins... but was a sweet lil moment we share as a family. This simple and sweet thing is seriously my new goal!

Driving north from SoCal the coast just gets more and more beautiful. Not always perfect for surfing, but beautiful. Rocks and cliffs, hills and greenery. Cali is just a beautiful state. AAAannnddd..... here are a bunch of pictures of my stinkin cute kids. Love these lil nuggets. No wonder I worry all the time about them!

... new family photo!

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Tucker's said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Glad you had a good time!