Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hearst Castle : Day 2

We are currently on another holiday in Idaho.. so I'm going to have alot more to blog. And that's not including the holiday we took to San Diego a few weeks ago with my family. So many holidays! Life needs to slow down!! I really do love the fun and adventure, but I really really love peaceful evenings at home doing alot nothin. You know? A simple life is really a good life. I wish mine was more simple. Infact.. I've made it a personal goal to slow down a bit and focus on my priorities. Right now, at the top of my list is my family. 

When it gets down to the plain and simple facts of life, not much is more important than a family. And the mother is pretty much the heart of the family. I'm am learning to be a great mom, is to be unselfish. (and patient, kind, multi-tasker, hardworking, loving, playful.....) but for me right now, I and trying to learn to be unselfish. With my time. My time is no longer mine, it is my kids. And I need to give more of it up to focus on them. 

That is actually one of the reasons that Brandon and I decided to take this vacation up the coast. We had never EVER been on a family vacation with just us and our kids. So we planned a cheap one and took off in the mini. 

Day 1 was the afternoon in Santa Barabara. Day 2 started off at Hearst Castle. Talk about a simple life. Seriously?! How does one find the time to build a castle? 

Sooo just brief history.. 
The dad makes millions in the 49er gold rush. Son loves a particular camping spot in California. Decides to build a home (with dad's mula). Keeps building. Loves art. Keeps building. Loves technology. Builds crazy awesome pools, tennis courts and movie theater. Keeps building. Loves animals and gardening. Builds zoo and buys surrounding land. Keeps building. (Getting old) Keeps importing, building, working on bowling alley. Dies. Castle never finished turns to museum so 160+ rooms later we can go gawk at his fathers millions and his crazy hobby. 

Thank you Hearst family. 

 The Harry Potter Movies received inspiration for their dining hall from here..

Amazing gardens

 Statues everywhere. Pathways everywhere. Ocean views. 

 One of three cottages for housing servants. 

Ridiculous pool. Nicest I have ever seen. Addison claimed dibs on it for her next pool party! Who wants to come!?
Bryce didn't feel so hot. And Crew was just a stinker as usual. Every time I turn around he is running off. 
Such cute brothers. 

 Catching butterflies and kisses.

 Things usually look like the top.. him running away, Rarely towards me. 

 See what I mean.. run run run! 

 Going crazy! 
It was beautiful William. We really did enjoy ourselves. But we will stick to our simple life. (ok maybe we don't have a choice, but I like it anyway.) 

First half of day 2 done. 

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Desarae Fowler said...

I love all these pictures. it makes me feel like I was there. so pretty.