Monday, July 30, 2012

We took a lil holiday

Sometimes I wish that I was English and had a sassy accent and said things like holiday all the time. Alas. I am not, and I'm gonna say holiday anyway. So yes! My family and I took a lil holiday up the coast of SoCal. And it was delightful! Crumpets anyone?

Sorry. Its really late right now and as my close friends know, late at night I get kinda crazy and weird. If you ever want to know any thing weird or deep about me just keep me up past 11 and it all comes out.  Good thing at work I'm usually to busy to chat! (Me at 1am is no bueno!)  

Back to business here. 

To explain why we had this small luxury, my husband is in his 4th year of optometry. In the 4th year they do rotations, working at hospitals or clinics. He currently is working with Kaiser Permanente. Pretty much the best rotation EVER! So nice.. he leaves around 8 and is back about 5:30. (Whaa? I have a husband and he comes to me instead of his books when he gets home?! This is maddness!) The other awesome part of this rotation is that he only goes in when the Dr. is in. SO since is it summer and the Dr. lives in the real world he takes vacations himself and days off to do whatever. !!!!! meaning.. Brandon gets days off !!!! 

Right after the 4th of July Brandon had a few days off. We took off. There are a few places I've been itchin to go see.. Santa Barbara at the top of the list and our first stop.

It was beautiful. Truly. 

I live in the OC. It is pretty here, but its cityish. No dirty city like LA (well I guess it depends on the area), but still city. Santa Barbara is city but it didn't feel like it. So green and hills. Now we only got a small feel for SB. We drove their and play on wharf for a few hours and ate some dang good pizza. Then took off north to Santa Maria for our hotel. .... more on the rest of the trip later gater. 

For now just a {few} pictures of SB. 

    {I loved this picture of Bryce.. forced smile and distracted eyes...}
 Shops and restaurants and museums and wildlife.. all out on the sea. 

 I know I'm making a weird face but its weird that even I can see our resemblance. 

.... and that was day 1 of our holiday. More to come ...


Steve and Stephanie said...

those are some gorgeous shots!!! and gorgeous fam, love you guys! especially addie's tooting noises in church. CLAS.SIC.

Angie & Neal said...

such awesome pics and what a fun vacay. I had SB on our bucket list but we never made it there :( Glad you're enjoying your summer with Brandon on the Kasier rotation! Miss ya'll