Sunday, July 8, 2012

the fourth of july and other ramblings.

So the fourth was pretty fun this year. I actually really like this holiday, and I think it is because it is a simple holiday. None of the hustle and bustle and prep that goes on with almost every other holiday. Summer foods are probably my favorite, grilled, kabobed, fruits and all. AND it has some of the most moving music.  (Am I the only one who sings the star spangle banner as loud as possible to her brush in the bathroom? I doubt it) Just feels good to belt it out once in a while alright?!

This years fourth was just as nice as the rest of them. Started out at the church breakfast in the park. .. oh and who agrees with me that food tastes better when eaten outside?{ The best pancakes I have ever eaten were consumed on top of a house boat in Lake Powell. }

We played at the park and kids ran free. 

I really regretted not bringing my camera because this was the only time of the day that my kids were dressed up. And it was overcast.. perfect for pictures. Fail. But loving these curls.

Afterwards swimming in the pool and BBQ with friends.

Seriously some amazing girls here.

That evening was spent watching the Fullerton show (Pails compared to Twin Falls).  Crews face is cracking me up here.. if only he could speak..

The other day I was contemplating how wonderful these last 3.25 years have been. What wonderful people we live by and just how awesome all of my friends are. Seriously a unique group and I think it is because they are all motivated educated and hard working people. That is why we are here to begin with, husbands pursuing educations in law or optometry, not to mention we are all in the same boat, away from the homelands and poorer than dirt! We kind of lean on each other. Many have moved are and some are moving soon! Heart breaker! But every year brings a new fun group. Gonna miss everything. 

The kids enjoyed their glow sticks. (not a firework stand for miles? why? probably some law) 

In other business.. we have been enjoying summer. 

Learning to oil paint
Dancing and food trucks are always a good time.

I kinda failed on Fathers Day. So sick, I laid on the couch while he cooked dinner. Addison did pretty good though..

Finally finished Bryces quilt. More on that later.

Of course at the beach.  Our posse and digging sand crabs.

Gross SandCrabs

Having some good bedhead days. And just being cute. 

Crew knows how to throw a royal fit. King James style. 
Had our 7th Anniversary

And enjoying the rest of summer to come one ice cream cone at a time! 


Kristin said...

Cute pictures! Your guys are just too adorable! Glad you are having a good summer! Miss you!!

OhSoDelicioso said...

love pictures all the pictures!! we love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Aubrey! Your family is sooo adorable! Really, some of the cutest kids i have ever seen... And you are so beautiful and seem like such a fun mommy. Just wanted to tell you that and say hello :)