Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Half Marathon

So last June I ran in the Fontana Half Marathon and it pretty much kicked my toosh. Running shorts and all.

I just remember thinking about mile 11.. why? Why?
But then I finished and was so happy! Probably because it was done! Ha!

Not because I don't like to run or do races.. because I do.. and I love em. But this race was just hard! It was a fairly steep down hill for 6 miles then flat for the rest (I know what you are thinking and trust me, down hill is not easy at all ,it might be worse) Seriously too! It is so hard on the joints and you kinda half to let yourself just go with the hill otherwise you're putting on the breaks and killing your muscles. But you have to break a little so you aren't just out of control? See the dilemma with downhill runs?

And not to mention the recovery was HORRENDOUS. PAIN. ACHES. Oh So SORE! I'm not kidding. Barely could walk for about 2-3 days.

I blame it all on the down hill because.. about 2 weeks before for the training my buddy Anna and brother-in-law Nate did our 12 mile run. We followed our training plan and were right on schedule. Ran a good pace and ate all the right stuff and water breaks at the right times. That run was a piece of cake. Felt a little tired after just the afternoon but no aches or pains or hobbling around the house or falling onto the toilet seat because your legs give out (that was Anna! hah!)

SO why would one more mile make me fall apart?! Well it wouldn't.. the down hill did. It was a doozy. Fast and fun but by mile 11 and 12 you are paying for it! {Not to mention the next 36 hours of  icing and ibuprofen and 2 black toenails and a 3rd bleeding blister.}

So I guess it comes to the question of would I do it again.



It is such a great experience to train and to achieve a goal even if it hurts. Pain is pain. It all passes. But the memories and achievements don't.

My Cheerleaders! Love how you can see Addison waving to me! Seriously the best part of the race, seeing your family there to cheer you on. Better than seeing the finish line. Makes me choke up.

Nate even mentioned to me that he 'never realized what a spiritual experience racing was.' Its true. Its a realizing event.

so some details.. 
BIB: 1343
Age Group Place: 18/69
Overall Place: 414/1027
Time: 1:53:59 
Overall Pace: 8:42min/ml

(Sorry Cell phone pics are all we got) {goo}

 I loved running with Anna and our long Saturday runs that Nate would join us on. And pushing your self farther and harder truly is a trail of character and self discipline. I'm not built to be a wonderment athlete breaking Boston Marathon records. I have my limits, but pushing them is what makes it fun. 

Looking forward to more races. Oh! And Happy Fourth! We are off to a BBQ and Fireworks! I Love America, an inspired country.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could train together! Would love to do a event with you. So proud of you and your efforts to be so healthy. MOM