Sunday, June 24, 2012


I kinda love living in California...

But I kinda hate it too. Truly and Love/Hate relationship. THeRe is sooo much I just love about it. The weather, entertainment, shopping, scenery, beach, ocean, and soo much more. I wont bore you with the dislikes. Let's just focus on the positive.

While living in California, it is almost impossible. IMPOSSIBLE to be bored. If you are.. its your own fault.

For instance. My sis and I had an afternoon, we were feeling that boredom monster sneaking in on us so we packed up our kids and headed out!

We landed in Newport, on Balboa Island. Found some FREE parking and chatted with a local lady about her flowers. (I was totally jealous of her amazing garden.. and on balboa island no less).   

Then we walked up and down the main street. Looking at the fancy shops. 

Getting ice cream. 

Enjoying the sun. 

Looking at the amazing AMAZING boats. 
OK.. another thing I love about California.. there is money here. And lots of it. I've never known so many millionaires. Crazy. I'm sure the people owning these boats were more than just millionaires. I don't know them :(

I kinda love boats. And water. Just a little. 

Still waiting for Brandon to take me whale watching (hint hint!) (I don't know if he always reads our blogs.. so someone hint him for me! .. our anniversary is coming up!)

Then we walked around to the beach and played. Spotted a crab missin a few legs. Poor lil guy. 

Just had a nice day. (Cheap) Easy. Nice. Days like these, my heart aches to think of ever moving. (still got at least another year though. 

And my favorite picture of the century.. These boys are so cute. 

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Jivin' Johnson's said...

Posts like these make me completely JEALOUS!! I think i'm going to have to come stay with you for a whole week so I can live the Cali life style! ;) Such a beautiful place!