Saturday, June 16, 2012

Her 6th Brithday

For Addison's 6th birthday we did a smaller intimate party with a few of her girlpals. She was just so excited!! The morning of her party she was just going a million miles a minute.. so we grabbed a few pictures to remember her sweet 6 year-old-two-teeth-missing-silly-self. 
She is in love with her locket she received from Sydney. Just in love. 

She jumped around and twirled. 

Then almost biffed it.

And while she was gone at school..
I did a little prepping for the party. 

Simple and sweet. 
Then the party began!! 

9 giddy girls!! So much energy!! 

 It was fun to throw a party where they all followed directions. {We made bows} It makes me ache to see Addison change from her sweet little baby BUT it is so nice to be able to have new adventures with her. I used to be the one making her bows. Now she can make her own! LOVE it! 

I kinda love this picture. All the girls in awe over a toy. Life is simple and happy as a 6 year old isn't it!?
Seriously this is just a sweet happy little age. Addison is such a good daughter. Very helpful and sweet with her brothers. She still has a tender little heart and is very very bright. Love her. I wouldn't mind if she stayed 6 for a while.


Desarae Fowler said...

it was the best idea!!! I loved this party and so did all the girls.
and the cake was pretty awesome. your the best mom. Addi is so lucky.

Angie & Neal said...

Can't believe she's 6! love the cake, decorations and bow making idea! Looks like the girls loved it! Love her cute little skirt too! Such a sweet girl!