Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bonfire Nights

Bonfires are the best. Even with out the beach a nice big fire just feels good. I remember as a kid our parents would throw all the scrap wood into our trampoline pit and light up an enormous fire. SO amazing. Some thing about the heat just makes you want to relax and stare at the flames. I kinda just love it.

When my parents and Andy and Jess got home from Australia, they had a couple of days layover here. With only one night together, we chose a beach bonfire. 

The kids are happy and have freedom in the sand. We get to eat and talk by the fire. And just hang out. Nothing better. 

Looking forward to more of these this summer.


Nikas said...

Very nice blog, I watched it with pleasure. :3

Mckenzie-Rose Elkins said...

Oh I love camping!! Nice pictures!