Monday, June 4, 2012

Addison is 6

Today was Addison's birthday. She is 6. Crazy. 
And in a week she will be graduating from kindergarten. Crazy. 

It really takes me back a little bit when I think about it all. Even more than having my own birthday.. having a child's birthday has really put things into perspective. But even with all this perspective I'm gaining, I'm okay with it. I've loved watching Addison grow and mature. It's hard to watch her have her little life struggles, but is a amazing to watch her handle them. 

On Sunday, fast and testimony mtg. She suddenly got up and walked to the front and sat next to 2 old men. They motioned to let her go next. She got up and bore a very sweet and simple testimony. Really made my heart melt. When she got back to us she was all embarrassed and buried her head in Brandon's lap. I told her how happy I was for her and hugged her little sweetness. She is just growing up. I can't stop it. 

 Tonight we had a little family party for her, with some of her favorites including a spaghetti dinner, mini-cupcakes, and her BFF Sydney. 
Sydney gave her a beautiful little locket. 

 Some summer reading material as she lounges by the pool.  (yeah right)

Company at the party. 

 Jack gave her a gift.. Hello kitty notebook with markers. He was SOOOOOOO excited he couldn't STAND it. Jumping up and down and covering his eyes. SOOO excite for Addi he just could control it. Cute. 

 Addison was drooling over this toy at the store. Talked about it all weekend. 'She can really swim mom!' She's not even in to Dora but is into swimming and mermaids.. so Dora won the prize.
 And some clothes. Because mom likes to shop. 
Some mini-cupcakes and a bunch of kisses wrapped up our night. Such a sweet little girl.

I have more to say but will probably have another birthday post in a few days from her little girlie party we are going to have in a few days. So stay tuned.. hopefully I'll have better pics from that one too..{ night time & and halogen lights are a camera's worst nightmare. }

Love you Addison. So glad your my baby. 

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Desarae Fowler said...

I love that you got pictures of Jack in his "excited mode" haha we love Addi, and loved all her parties! happy birthday sweet girl.