Saturday, May 19, 2012

Low Key...

Things have been pretty low key around here.. which I LOVE. Sometime I just feel like there is so much going on and I am running around like crazy and all I want to do is lay on the ground and play with my kids. I know half of my busy-ness is my own fault. And it is a fault. I love projects and playing and Disney and beach and just hate to miss out.

Simplifying has been a personal goal I keep in the front of my brains. {If I didn't then I would get to excited about the next fun thing and end up crazy again.} Really I don't do half as much as I used to but I am doing 3 times as much with my kids and having a child in school, so I just feel busy. ok. Enough rambling.

So lately I have been training for a 1/2 marathon! Excited about this one. In fact today we {my girlfriend Anna and bro-in-law Nate} did our 12 mile run. AND!!!! I hurt. I'm not going to act like some super woman. Running is hard and beats me up. It is fun and we run hard and I love it. But I also pay the price. I've been battling a hip injury this race. Its not bad enough not to run but just enough to be annoying. But I guess my lungs and heart are solid even if my joints aren't. The race is coming up on June 2nd! Wish me luck!

 More importantly..
 This little man Crew.

He is just everything to me. I love him so much. He climbs everything and makes messes in everything loves to throw his food. (Wish he would stop that). He loves his brother and sister. He is just so sweet. I love him. Alot of love going on here.
 He had his one year appt. the other day and was 75th for height and 25th for weight! He's only 21lbs. My skinny boy. And I can officially call him walking as of the last 2 days. He walks more than crawls now so I think it counts? 12.75ish months old. Not too bad.

 We have also been hitting up Disneyland every now and then. What would my kids do with out Syd and Jackie?

 ... and the beach. Does anyone else love that picture as much as I do?! I might just frame it. Iphone cameras RoCk.

 Other awesome news....
 Brandon passed his first board exam! He's got 2 more to go, but this is one step done. AND he officially had his last day of class ever this Wednesday!! AH! I am thrilled about this. We are on to rotations this next semester. His first is at a Kaiser Hospital. He'll be gone alot still but at least when he gets off at 5 he will be ours!! Not in his cave studying. (until the next boards approaches).
 He did some exams on the kids a few weeks ago and I was impressed to see him work. It really set in that he is an "eye doctor"! I kinda love it. ... I think I will really love it when he gets paid for it. All the years and $$$,$$$.$$ might just be worth it. Still have another full year of rotations, but it is getting closer.
And now I want to go read my book.

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