Friday, May 4, 2012

Crew Had A Party

 Yes! My little baby is 1! I can't believe how ridiculously fast this last year has gone. It really makes my heart ache. Being a mother is just one of the most wonderful things in the world and having your special little babies keep growing is hard. Especially when I have a 5 almost 6 year old who seriously was just a little toddler running around! Don't get me wrong.. I love the progression and fun stages, but it just takes me back when I really stop to think about it.

So Crew is growing and changing and just the funniest thing. Such a spazz of a baby and sneaky. I can't already tell he is going to be mischief maker. Always stealing binkies and taking others toys and chucking them across the room. Sneaking in pinches when I'm not looking. Sneaky.

But he does have his sweet side, where he loves to sit and watch his brother and sister, maul other babies with kisses, snuggle up when tired, and giggle like crazy. Love the giggles. Nothing better that a good baby laughing.

He has his new stages these last couple months have brought... Sleeping soundly in his crib and actually reaches for it when doing our nightly routine (MIRACLE with this kid... the one who used to cry for 1-2 hours). HE LOVES to be naked.. as so as it take off his diaper, he waits for it to be wiped then flips around and bolts. Stinker. And at that LOVES to be chased. He is a small thing. (No 1 year appt yet, insurance is in limbo..) But I know he is small because all the youngin's a few months behind are passing him. He still wears some 6 and 9 month onesies. Who is this kid?! Even though he is small he eats like a horse. I put him in the highchair to fix dinner with some snacks to eat, he eats that and then continues to eat while we eat (sometimes more than the kids) then drinks a 4-6 oz bottle with in the hour to go to bed. And he is still tiny! (You can guess wear it all ends up, joy for me) He loves to have babble conversations (so fun), loves to climb (scary), Loves to throw things (a pain), and just is a little rockstar baby. Love him Forever.

Ok ok.. I'll get to the party. It was a simple little party. Cupcakes, drinks, pizza, salads, bubbles, friends, the pool and fun. I didn't go to crazy on any theme. Too hard with 3 kids. So we just had a chill party, but it was perfect. Plenty hot to enjoy the pool and plenty of awesome friends came to show love. I didn't have a ton to stress over so I completely enjoyed it! Plus we held the birthday party on my birthday, so it was nice to have a fun time.

Ready for picture overload?! That's just what happens on a first birthday.
Ready.. Set...


 Birthday Banner rocked the house! 
Fascinating. I can stare at them for hours too. 

 Stellar Friends

 The cutest lil boy right there.

 Baby Buddies. 

  Bubbles just make things sweeter.
 At the end of the day.. I still turned another year older but wiser I might add. (Ok maybe not wiser but I am realizing how much I really don't know about life compared to my invincible 20 year old self.) Some one said something like that.. the more you know the more you don't know. Truly how I feel. I just have a lot to learn.  And can't remember the quote. (Another problem with getting older!)
My lovely visiting teachers brought me some flowers along with Carly's beautiful bouquet, Toms and a new Iphone.. I was actually kinda spoiled this year. Spoiled or Blessed. Both. Thank you life, for being good right now. 


Jivin' Johnson's said...

I can't believe it It hasn't really been a year has it! The bubble pictures are adorable! :)

Desarae Fowler said...

So cute. you got some great pictures. {I want the one of Will and I please!!!) I loved the party it was such a great day. like really- the perfect day.

Anonymous said...

Love and wish I was at the party!