Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hairy Cuts!

OH my... my boys

All desperately needed hair cuts. 

 For Crew this was a memoriable day... first hair cut, more like first trim. This actually was a special day for Bryce as well. This was his first buzz! I've always just cut his with scissors and let the locks grow. I'm not much of a barber but curly hair is very forgiving so it's always turned out nice. Bryce has been begging for short Jackies! 

This was so hard for me to do because I am just in love with his curls! {Even now I feel a tinge of regret} 
 Bryce really tries to be lovie with Crew but Crew just doesn't have it as you can see. Only mom usually gets his lovins. 
 My handsome little Crew has a little wild bone!

The scissors for Crew Cut! The only way we got him to hold still was to give him a toothbrush. That's been his favorite toy since he was like 3 months? Its also the only way mom gets ready in the morning! He loves the bristles and the vibrations.
{you can see Brandon in the back, he didn't escape my sheers!}

 And the after! He had sooo many of those long stringy new born hairs.. now he's nice and clean. I rarely have time to do his hair, but if I want it make a cute fo-hawk. That was also Bryces first hair cut.. Click HERE for his but this is a picture of him below. Crazy how much Bryce and Crew look alike! Bryce's hair also started out straight and dark.. around 1 it turned blonde and curly. We shall see what Crew's does?! 
And here are a few after pictures of Bryce.. The during was mostly film. Which he had a melt down during! It think it was a combination of having hair itching all over his body and seeing the dramatic change kinda stressed him out a bit. After a shower and fresh clothes he was tiptop. 
A little video for your viewing pleasures! {More for Grandma and Grandpa viewing pleasures} 
Bryces goes crazy..we stopped about that time.

One of my next posts will probably be about Addison's hair cut. She asks daily to chop hers off! Makes me sad! 

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Jivin' Johnson's said...

They both look so handsome with the new cuts! I absolutely love the way the boys look after a fresh hair cut!