Thursday, February 23, 2012


Gymnastics! We intro to gymnastics at best ;) Des and I signed the kids up for a little 4 week tumbling class. Its been pretty cute. The kids go crazy!! Makes me want to fork out some big money for real gymnastics. They would probably get pretty good. But I don't really have money. Hump. Someday. {They don't know any better anyway} 

Des and I concurred that tumbling class would be good for the kids to help them learn the basics of movement. Our goal is to reduce the chance of broken armage! We've lucked out so far in that arena. Plenty of bruises but no broken bones. We figure the more they are taught how to use their bodies the less clumsy they might be on the playground? Cross our fingers..

Jack and Bryce go first.

The babies get to have fun too.

  If this class can teach them how to cart wheel.. I will be happy. Have you ever tried to teach a 5 year old to cart wheel?
 Starts off pretty good...  and then .... crunch

Luv those boys. They love each other. Bryce has a new nickname for jack every few weeks.. Jack jack.. Jay.. JJ.. Jackie.. Jackie Babie was the latest.  

Off to work on my cartwheel skills, haven't done one in years.. Des tried. Was successful and graceful after a few tries. 

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Desarae Fowler said...

haha. and I was totally sore the the next day. Doing a cartwheel felt nice though, made me feel a little younger knowing I can still do on :)
the pics are so cute. can't wait to get them!! good job.