Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crafty Crafty

You know how you get in the mood for doing certain things. Some times I just get in the mood to sew, or craft, or read. Or clean. To bad the cleaning one doesn't happen more often. Well it's been a long time since I have been able to divulge into these moods. Tres ninas is keeping this mamasita running.

But for Christmas, I always feel like I have to make my gifts. Because sure, I can go spend money I don't have on things that my family really doesn't need with out any sentimental value or I can make them something that will defy all those things. {Since my mad skills are so defying, hah!} 

Last year my mom and mother-in-law received quilted table runners. I wanted to keep them, but I swore I would make myself one and still haven't! 

This year, I made some simple clocks for in-law siblings.

For the madre's and padre's ... These picture puzzles. AND I LOVE them!!! 

For a few friends with kids.. Prayer Blocks. I have to say this was an original idea. Proud of myself. I never think of things first.  And haven't taken a picture yet.. Tutorials to come on the Block things. 

Most of these crafts were made possible because of my sweet little new friend call the Silhuoette!  The craft mood is yet to die. My reading buzz has tempered down though. Just finished up the first Hunger Games! I know I know, why behind the times. Still was awesome.

Oh and have you checked out Oh So Delicioso our food blog lately? Some awesome new recipes to add to your meal plan there.  Well I have plenty more blogging to update but that is all for now. Thanks for tuning in!


Sarah and Jared said...

Love your creativity! You are one talented chica :) See you soon!

Kurt and Michelle said...

Darling darling crafts!! You have always been so creative, and so darn cute, hope you guys are doing well! Let us know the next time you guys are in Idaho we would love to get together!

Clark and Katie said...

I have a silhouette too, I just wish I had done something really cute with it like you did!!! Maybe after school is over I'll learn to use it. I love the blocks!

Erin said...

So cute! Love everything you've made! I love my silhouette too! Did you make up your own design for the puzzle blocks or did you follow a tutorial. Wish we were crafting together!

Angie & Neal said...

Super cute Christmas presents that you got some major talent girl! Love the pony rides and it really is such a gorgeous barn! Glad you had a good Christmas with your families!