Sunday, January 29, 2012

Every Princess Deserves a Pony {Ride}

While in Twin for Christmas we had many little adventures including swimming in hot springs, bouncing in bounce houses, bowling, four-wheeling, movies and more. Sadly, no sledding, snowball fights or snowmen. Its been a dry winter for them. Probably the favorite adventure was riding real ponies. 

Apparently these are not your average ponies, they all come from a fancy gene pool that I can't remember the names of. Although one is a type of Clydesdale... the Queen's Pony. 

My brother Connor set us up in thus excursion, courtesy of his lady friend Josie. Josie competes in riding.. jumping over fences and doing tricks, no big deal ;) Her arena was beautiful. 
Trotting along with Connor. 

Galloping with Josie! 
 Even Bryce got a ride. Check out that mane. And that beanie.. Brandon made as well :}
 Sweet baby Crew. Can you believe that Brandon crochet that beanie! No loop.. real style. 

 A few of the jumps.
 Des, Nate and Jack
 The cleanest barn I have ever been in. 
 Learning to groom and feed. 

Even Crew made a friend. 
Grandma, Brock with Crew and Brandon with Bryce. 

These pictures remind me of one thing that I miss the most about Idaho. Nature and open skies. I truly miss spending time outside in natural settings. The peace and freedom and crisp air. I have grown to love California  but Idaho always will hold a special place in my heart. 


Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

awesome shots...and yes, gorgeous barn and ponies!!! i had to do a double take, brandon crochets?!?!

Two broken hearts said...

bellissimi auguri ....ciaooooo!!!