Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas. Twin Falls. Ideeho. 2011.  

Many many good memories from Christmas this year. The month of December just flew by with shopping, baking, decorating, and Christ-thinking. It was a good month. 

Here's a little picture story for ya'll. {My lady-friend Steph is from Texas, and she is rubbing off on me ;)}
AND Don't forget to watch the video at the end of the post! 

First off we visited my wonderful Grandpa Harding whose struggling with Guillain-Barre Sydnrome. So sad to see him sick. Speaking of which, Brandon's Grandpa Simon just passed a way this last week. I had only the oportunity to meet him a few times, but he was the nicest sweetest little cute old man there ever was. We are sad to see him go, but know he lived a beautiful long life and has a legacy of family. 

Spent some quality girl time with my lovely aunt and cousins!

Christmas eve was spent with Brandon's side. We did the fancy Christmas eve dinner and Santa presents in the morning. Everyone all sleepy eyed. 

This is one of the best toys Santa brought. Entertains the kids forever.  
Addison all grown up with a camera.

Crew happy with a hanger, but did get this adorable little friend from grandma!

The rest of the presents were opened a few nights later at a family party, which I lamely left my camera at the other house. urgh. I was disappointed in myself this trip. I didn't take hardly any pictures of the fun stuff we did or with Brandon's family! Sometimes, I just want to relax and be there and not be snapping pictures. Later I regret it though. 

Christmas day was at my families. 
 Who we really are..
{Love those family pics}

The kids Christmas outfits. Desi's kids matched.. they were all so adorable. 
Addison did get her puppy. 

Bryce in love with his airplanes.
 He's just an enthusiastic kinda kid.
 Don't you just love it, when other people love your kids? And they love them back? Crew and Papa have a little bond. Papa's good at making those with the little folk.

A sewing machine?! For a 5 year old?! Addi is now officially invited to craft night ;)

 Crew very intrigued.
We did kinda a kid free-for-all then did the adult presents. 
 SO here is something my family did that I am entirely sad that we missed.. We tried to play again on New Years eve, but we ended up in the ER instead. Sick sick babies don't care much for minute-to-win-it. Nate put this little montage together. I laugh so hard. 

I love my family. Family meaning in-laws and extendeds and everything. So glad to have the Christmas season to remember what is most important in life and what it is all about. 


royce and aubree said...

looks like a fun christmas. your kids are so cute we miss them so much. i love addi's hello kitty sewing awesome! we move to hanford in a month then we will only be 3.5 hours away so i'll definitely have to make a trip down to see you guys!

Angie & Neal said...

Looks like you had a great time with both families! The Magic of Christmas is the best with kids! Hope Fullerton's treating you well, we sure miss it there but more especially all our dear friends like you!