Friday, March 23, 2012

Crew Boo


He is 11 months!! And such a tiny little thing. Crazy faster crawler and into all of my cabinets! He is such a different baby then my other kids, but that makes things all the more fun. He is a little busy body. I find him crawling up everything, eating leaves, pulling out all the wipes, dumping out my bobby pins for the 5th time closing his fingers in the draw again, trying to crawl in the bath with the kids, pushing all the buttons on the dvd player, trying to crawl in the shower with me, taking out the spoons as I put them in the dishwasher, and thats just beginning. Crew is a happy boy just busy! With as many times as he has gagged on crumbs and tried to play with the electrical sockets I will be lucky to make it to 2 seriously pray daily for his safety.

He recently has decided that he likes to eat real food. He can down almost as much as Addi with his nimble little fingers. Probably my favorite thing he does lately is when he sits on his knees, something about it just makes me want to squeeze him! He starting to mimic.. faces and sounds. He babbles very long important speeches to us. I swear he says whats that.. "Whaa Daa" while he points at things.

Ok.. and he has figured out how to wriggle out of straps, the little stinker. The other day I found him like this in the cart at Target.. but standing. He screamed so loud when I sniched up the strap so he could barely move. For your own good babe! (The next day he did the same thing in the high chair)

One thing that is kind of unique about him I how aware he is. From day 1 he has just been very keen to his surroundings. He knows his brother and sister very well. He loves to play with them and chase them. He LOVES peekaboo. LOVES it. The kids get down on all fours and crawl around surprising each other out of doors and corners and Crew gives it all right back. So sweet to see them play together.

Some times I can't wait to see them grow up and wonder who they might become, but then I just can't get enough of their sweet pure kisses and hearts and soft skin, I can't imagine never having it again. Really precious times going by so fast. Stay my babies.

{Sorry more Cell Phone Pictures!! Still on the hunt for a new camera + lens since mine went MIA :(  }

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