Wednesday, December 28, 2011

yes, yes another beach.

This time we were hanging out at Corona Del Mar. Very beautiful. Its just south of Newport so you get the view with the nice beach and the ports to your right to watch the boats coming in and out of the peninsula. We were supposed to be meeting my brother and his friend from college there.. but they never showed. Leave it up to a college boy to flake out ;) We had fun any way. Des and I played around taking pictures and messing with settings on our camera's. A scary thing to do when you really want the picture to turn out well, but then we didn't really care what happened. There were a few good ones. Despite the 40 I deleted, I learned a little about shooting with a harsh sunset.

Photography is fun. That's about the most of it for me.. Fun. I think it would be awesome to be a skillled pro and have every gwak at my photo's, but I feel the same way about being an architect, designer, singer and all those other dreams that I'll never get in this life. So I just keep playing with my camera as a fun hobby and learn when I can. PLUS photography takes $$. I've been all googly eyed over a lens that's much too much for my modest budget.

Here are a few of the messing around pics.

 The kids just LoVe da Beach. LvEO LoEv LOVE. the can play in the sand for hours. So nice. After the sand we moved over to the inlet and watch the sail boats and rich fancy yachts. We also spotted a dolphin. then 2, then 3 then 4 and what seem liked a million! A huge heard? School? Pretty awesome sight.

 The best of the school that I could catpure.. they never are all up at once. And a beautiful sail boat. We were wishing we were out on the sea. A beautiful evening.  And to finish up about the flaky college boy.. he decided to show up once we mention Cafe Rio :)


Sarah and Jared said...

You are an amazing photog! I look at you as professional :) I'd love to know some of your settings but especially the bottom pic of the boat (love the color!).

Angie & Neal said...

You are amazing photographer! What great colors in the boat pic and also such cute models :) Hope you had a good Christmas! Did you get to go home to Idaho for the holidays?