Monday, December 26, 2011

LoveYou Brandon

Another year, Another Birthday. I feel kinda bad because it is hard to make birthday's awesome for everyone and every year, so of course the adults get neglected. Brandon is such a kid at heart and loves a party, so he just a had a "Junk'o" with some buddies. This term junk'o was derived by Brandon so cleverly because once a month , all the ladies have a bunco night. So the guys thought they needed there own special night. And He's exact phrase was "If you have junk, you can come!" Eloquent I know. They usually end up at a movie or The ESPN Zone. 

ANYway, for this year I wanted to make sure he knew that even though I didn't throw a party or anything, we still think he is pretty awesome. The kids helped me out on this little projected and this is what we came up with. 

I put my favorites together and this was the result that we enlarged and framed as a special gift! It now sits next to his side of the bed to remind him every night, he his loved. 
and it's true.