Monday, December 26, 2011


Brandon's break for Thanksgiving is to short for us to travel home. We were planning on staying in Cali along with Des and her fam, so my family thought they might as well come to us! And we are so glad they did. It was a fun and crazy week. I don't think that I have ever cooked so much in my life! My mom flew in the night before Thanksgiving so it was up to Des and I to prepare the entire dinner for all 14 people! Holy Moly!  

I was encharge of yams, mashed potatoes, the ham, the slushie, green bean casserole, deviled eggs and chocolate, pumpkin, and apple pie. Des hosted it, so that was a chore just getting the house ready and the place settings. She and mom wrapped up the  veggie tray, tomato basil appetizer. the turkey, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, whipped jello, and cherry and pecan pie. Your probably saying to your self, geez..why the production? Well, really we like to have fun with food. AND we like to host parties. {Some day when I have a little more elbow room in my kitchen I'll host many parties} AND we party of the 14 guest were 5 men ranging from 6'1-6'5 that can all eat a horses helping. 

We actually had 2 turkeys. Des's hubby bought a turkey fryer and was insistent on cooking his own. More about that here!!

It was funny though. For DAYs of preparation it was all done in less than an hour. Don't you hate that?! So much work then, its over. That's my only disdain that I have for cooking. and the dishes.  

The rest of the week was fun.. we visited the San Diego Zoo, played at the beach, I worked a shift and then just kinda relaxed. 

 At the Zoo..

 Venice Beach. Don't let the pics fool you.. it was cold.

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