Saturday, December 3, 2011

Addison and Crew and Cars Crashing

This is an update on my sweet girlpie Addi. My engergizer bunny baby. And our van that some so elegantly smashed into on the freeway. 

Ok ok ok.. Ill start with the care since I know you are going Say What?!

A few weeks ago we were driving home from a family evening at Irvine Spectrum. Politely driving in the carpool lane with the slowed traffic. I turned around to talk to the children and saw a car speeding towards us. Maybe 30 feet away. There speed 50-60 mph, ours 5 mph, with only 30 feet. Doesn't add up. Had this conversation in my head incredibly rapidly and decided to scream~ "BRANDON!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!"""""  There was one other car between us the was first crunched. I saw the guy flailing in his car, then CRUSH! goes our car. 

I immediately turn to the kids to see if they are Ok. Bryce replies in his very limited but growing vocabulary "I broken arm" Which he lifts with out a flinch to show me. We were all completely fine. Just a little scared. Our van got a bad bruise. 

You might remember this post. 

We were so grateful to be okay. Bummer for the Van, but in the meantime we are driving a sweet GMC Acadia 2012. My bum gets very toasty in the heated leather seats. We just heard today that the other persons insurance is covering everything 100%. Phew. We heard from the Van Dr. the other day and she is shaping up just fine. ICU measures weren't needed so she will be released soon.

Ugh. Stuff like that just makes you frustrated and scared. An accident on the freeway could have been very bad. We are so grateful no one was hurt. 

ON to a lighter topic. 

CREW. He is very light. at his 6 month appt. he was only 16lbs. 25th percentile! Who is this tiny child?! I can't remember his length but that was only 50th percentile. Addi and Bryce were both regularly 95th in all categories. It might be do to his incredilble amount of energy. The kid cannot sit still. 

Currently he's 7 months and starting to sit up and crawl. He is scooting around and able to make it to anything he wants. Slowly but he'll get there. He is a very determined little bugger. No teeth yet. Loves to nurse. Loves to watch his crazy siblings. Loves to snuggle. And LOVES to jump like a wild man in his bouncer. Energy. 
ON to a bigger topic. 

Addison is just a delightful little creature. She is doing so well in Kindergarten! Almost a little too well. She hates to mess up. Infact her teacher told me that one day she messed up a letter so she took the entire assignment and crunched it into a ball and threw it in the trash almost in tears. 
 When I go volunteer in class she is always the last one to finish her assignment. She has to take her time to get things right. I don't know how to feel about this. I love that she wants to do good work but maybe going a little OCD? I mean its kindergarten. She is missin out on play time because she has to make an A perfect. She's definently the A student so far, but I hope she enjoys things a little too. Got to keep that balance!

She lost 2 teeth at the beginning of the school year! Now the are almost grown in. Both of them were finally pulled out in the same manner, the first a fruit snack, the second a gummy worm. pop! Easy enough. 

She is just a little sweet heart and a helper at home. She is just my little mini-me. Hmmm.. Am I that OCD? naw. We are having fun this holiday season with Christmas decor and good Food. 

Speaking of Food.... I was a guest blogger on my friend Erin's food blog! Thanks for the invite! Here's her Blog {CLICK} She has Celiac's Disease and is quite the little chef. Great gluten free recipes. 

Holly Jolly everyone! 


JH said...

Gorgeous pictures! What camera do you use?
P.s. Just browsing through the next blog menu tool- I'm new to Blogger :)

JH xx

Kadee said...

Des told me that she thought your titles on your blog were my handwriting font...had to come take a look :-). You knew me before you knew me, ha ha.