Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family Pictures~ Laguna Beach Edition

This summer I had the grand idea to have family pictures taken! A few months after Crew was born {so some of the baby fat might be fading}, at the end of summer {so we would be all nice and bronzy}, by a wonderful photographer {my dear friend Geri}, at a beautiful beach location {have to do that since we live in Cali}, and on a strategic weekend {when my ENTIRE family would be in town}.

Planned PerFect! Right?! Well kinda. It was kinda crazy trying to get all the kids to not run wild on the beach. And some of the adults. The other problem was my miss Addison.
She normally LOVES the beach, swimming and all of the above. But for some reason, on the day that we are having family pictures she decides that she is deathly afraid of the beach. I mean freaking out crying and screaming because she didn't want to be even remotely close to the waves.

I felt bad because if it isn't hard enough to get a big group like that organized my child has to be screaming. It flustered me. My perfect pictures not so perfect experience. But we were lucky to have Geri as our photographer. She is so sweet and spunky, it didn't seem to phase her.

Here are some of the group pictures on the beach.
OUR ENTIRE family! Hasn't happened in years! Either a hubby or a brother missing on a mission.
One of my favorite pictures. Isn't the beach just beautiful?!

AND we had 3 new additions to the family! CREW WES, WILLIAM LESLIE, and JESSI {Andy's new Wife!} We love them all!
The men of the family
Des's family, her kids were all champs!

My family we ended up doing last, up away from the waves. Addison managed to smile.

She actually smiled quite beautifully.

Despite my flusteredness the pictures turned out just beautifully! I'll be producing a Christmas card shortly with one of them on it! Excited for the holidays!!

My family thinks he looks mexican? I can see it here in this pic. A beautiful boy either way! 

I hope your Thanksgiving was just wonderful! Ours was splendid.   

PS> if you want a Christmas card.. email me your address at  So many people movin around hard to keep track of addresses! 

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Kurt and Michelle said...

Darling family pictures!! Addison is getting so grown up and just so so beautiful:)