Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with Mom

A few weeks before Halloween my mom was sooo baby hungry she decided to take a quick trip to Cali to see all her grandbabes! It was a short fun weekend. We took the kids out to Tanaka Farms to see the seasons pumpkin patch and have a picnic.

Besides the hundreds of pumpkins, there was a corn maze, tractor ride, petting zoo and more. They kids got to see different crops sprouting up and fruits and veggies ready for harvesting. We had a nice little agricultural lesson! My personal favorite was seeing the banana trees. {Dont tell any one but I had know idea that's how they grew}

 They kids had fun petting the stinky goats. 

 Mom's and babies stayed clean and smelling fresh outside the pin. 

  Mom picked up a friend. 

 Fun family time. Glad you came mom! Love you! See you soon at Thanksgiving!! 

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The Shelton Family said...

How fun! Crew is a doll...I need to see him again soon(and you too)