Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween Part DOS

As you can tell Halloween was a bit of a party for us this year. From school parties to ward parties to neighborhood and block parties! On actual Halloween night we started the evening with a group of our school friends trick or treating at this INSANE neighborhood. More about that later. 
The kids were all dressed up, even a few parents. Go ahead and try to get a picture with 8-9 toddlers. Not happening. (A few kids were missing)

It was a beautiful evening. We even had our own I-phone to play with!

So about this neighborhood. Any other night it would be an average little neighborhood, nothing rich or fancy but quiet and safe. Then Halloween rolls around and BAM. The craziness is unleashed! I'm taking full on haunted houses, fog machines, tables with apple cider being served, electric chairs, haunted forests, a redbull truck, thriller music, blow-up houses, and crazy people who sit around in evil outfits and think it is funny to jump out and scare moms. 

You can see a few of the scenes here but its hard to capture the full effect in the dark ;/

I took Addison and Sydney into on of the haunted houses, we made about a minute in before they were screaming. They did okay as I kept telling them it was just pretend and fun, then some dude jumped at me and I screamed and the little girls turned around ran! 
We wrapped up our evening at downtown Brea. Listening to punk band, kids playing games and going through bounce houses. It was fun and EXHAUSTING evening. I'm happy to be moving on to the next holiday! 

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