Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Part UNO

Isn't Halloween so fun?! I mean who doesn't love free candy? And if your outfit end up being a little crazy~ its okay! Because hey, it's Halloween {even if it wasn't supposed to be a costume}. Yes, one day someone said to me "very festive!" There was nothing festive. Need to rethink that outfit ;) 

My REAL costume was a witch with Addison. Bryce insisted on being a monster so that's what him and da boys got. We kicked of the festivities Trick-or-treating at Brandon's school. The kids love the faulty ooing and awing over their costumes. 

Some of the kids and bebes. It is ridiculously hard to get a group picture of a bunch of toddlers. 

Crew was such a cute little man. Just love him.

Me and my little monsters. 

NEXT was the ward Halloween party. Not to shabby with a bounce house, cotton candy, chili-cook off, games,  and trunk-or-treating! 
We brought Jack and Sydney along so their ma and pa could have a night out. 

And of course my kids went crazy about that!
The witches.

Rocketboy and Monster.

Brandon was enthused with his costume as you can tell ;)

Some cute friends of ours, the Pfau's~ I was really impressed by some of the costumes our friends came up with. Holiday's are so much more fun when every one gets a little crazy~ just a little :} 

And the whole brigade!! 

AND that wasn't even Halloween night. MORE to Come!

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Clark and Katie said...

So cute! I think of you every Sunday while listening to Brandon's dad teach! Hope everything is going good!