Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trying to get festive

Christmas is over!?! December went by soo fast. I think I was too busy this year. It was all fun but I just feel like it flew by too fast to thoroughly soak it in and enjoy. But I still loved every crazy minute of it. As sooon as Thanksgiving is over and no earlier, the Christmas music comes on and the decorations work their way out of the dust. I always look forward to the holiday parties and yummy neighbor treats. Speaking of yummy treats... my sister add some REALLY good recipes to our cooking blog.. Click HERE.
I also finished my stockings!! Last year I started some.. they were quilted and very detailed. I got through one and quit. Way to detailed to make a whole Brady bunch of stockings. This year, thanks to pinterest, I saw some adorable, simple and chic stockings I decided to copy. After a few nights of pattern making and sewing they were done!

And I love them!

I really wanted a hooked toe which was a little tricky to make with out it looking weird. I don't love the bow at the top..that was kinda an  I'mburntoutofcraftingsohere'sabowtoaddalittlecolor. Next year I'm thinking of adding a little berries and some little fun green thing?

 One of the Christmas festivities was the SSA party at Brandon's optometry school. My girlfriend planned the party and it was a blast. She did a great job. Gingerbread houses and all.

Bryce's house cracked me up. He had to have a red car on the side of it.
Addison asked for a puppy..(She did get a pink toy puppy)
Bryce asked for a rocket. (He did get blue rocket pj's)

Some of our dear friends we borrow sugar from and all that good stuff. 
Top: The Tucker's and Kent's
Bottom: The Anderson's and Egbert's

A few new couples I just met and can't remember there names.. The Partridges in white
Below: The Pfau's and Waites. 
And I feel so bad.. Kim Mower the lady in charge I didn't get a picture of! 
On another weekend a group of our friends took an evening trip up to LA to enjoy the temple lights and visitors center. If you are ever in the LA area, the temple is a great stop. Free and beautiful. Doesn't get much better then that in the city.
 These last photos were taken by Paul Brewer. He has the lens I would LoVe to own.

It was nice to visit the temple. All the light seeing and festivities were so fun, but there is just something special about being on the temple grounds. Christ really becomes the center of Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas, we are very blessed.. and of course I'll have more pictures on that soon. Can you tell I'm on a little blogging marathon to catch up before the year end!?!


Mary Hoopes said...

Hey there! I LOVE the LA temple. That is so fun that you made the trip up there. Your family is darling. See you soon

des said...

The gingerbread houses were so funny :) I love Bryces too! they look good and you have cute friends.....Santa- my kids did not like Santa. (Sydney did ok) I love that Crew is so happy to be on his lap- I wonder if he will be the same next year???

Kristin said...

How fun for you guys to be so close to each other. Aubrey your kids are getting so big. I just love there little faces. So adorable! It is funny to see you guys looking at the lights and your kids are just in long sleeve shirts. :) Can we come visit the nice warm state? And your stockings are so pretty! I love the simplicity of them. So elegant!! Love you Aub~ Miss you!