Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bryce's 3rd Birthday

My little Bryce man turned 3 this month! And he got 2, yes 2 birthday parties. Gasp! I know I am a good mom. Actually I'm not. Bryce really didn't get 2 parties, more like 2 cakes with a prelude song. Poor kid has never had a party with friends and all the works. His 1st birthday we moved to Cali. 2nd we were traveling and 3rd.. well this year didn't really change. I felt very guilty and had a intimate party ON his b-day. Brandon's family attended via Skype. Then later with family when they were in town. Hence the 2 cakes.

 Sponge-Bob was the man of the first party. Ha! Love my mad skills, Bryce thought it was awesome at least :)

 and it was delicious.. Click here for the Cake recipe. {My Favorite}

 Cake Dos.. for the Dos party.
Holding back that smile..
 Addison's Birthday card she work so hard on.
 Why do kids like Sponge-Bob any way?
 The life of the party! That now live down the road!! Sydney and Jack!

 The entertainment. Crew likes to eat things lately. (Will is 6 weeks younger, so cute)

 He really likes to eat things.
A smile starting to peek out in Will! 

The mini parties were awesome for Bryce. He was all about the cakes and ate it up. I love how easy kids are to please.

I just love my little man soo much but I just don't really understand him! If only we could know what goes on inside a 3 year old boy's brain. One moment he is crazy bouncing off the walls, the next he is hidding behind my leg. One minute he is speaking in sentences- the next minute screaming screeching is a better form of communication. Seriously can't figure this kid out. 

But I love him to death anyway. And he loves me :)  momma's boy

A few of his other loves:

He LOVES it when I snuggle up with him on the bottom bunk and sing him songs.
Particularly "Pie-dur" {Itsy-bitsy Spider} and "Ma-keys" {Monkeys in the tree}
LOVES Cars, baseball, trains, Woody and Buzz.
LOVES "Simmin" {Swimming}, the park, going on walks and going "super fas" on his big wheel that he refuses to use the pedals on.
LOVES going to bed... yes, he loves his bed and sometimes even says "I wan nigh-night" and puts him self to bed. {Did I mention I love this kid?}
EATS chicken nuggets, carrots, strawberries, nanna's, noddles, peanut butter and honey and gallons of chocolate milk. Every morning I get woken up by a tap on my face and a whisper "i wann cha-ket miwk" {then I say, Go Get Dada}. 
LOVES his brother Crew and LOVES to pull him, bonk him, scare him, and everything else that he shouldn't with him. {Sorry Crew}
ABSOLUTELY LOVES his big sister Addi. Lately he has been calling her "As-Son" "Mere As-Son, PEESE!!" He is going to be so board when she starts school next week. 

and a few Hates:
HATES his hair being washed, brushed, or cut. Last time I trimmed up his hair, he cried and said "NO! My Hair!! No Mom!"
HATES dinner. No matter what we have.
HATES to let you see him smile. 
HATES fireworks and public toilet's flushing. 
And HATES it when I say he has to wait till after he eats to have a treat.
He already wheres a 4T pant and 5T shirt. Size 11 shoe. And can go on alot of the Disneyrides. He is a big kid even though he has abs and shows his ribs.

He is my big little man. And I love him to death.

Those curls and goofy smile get me every time.


*LaUrA* said...

So great you and Des are together...even greaert that you each have a kid of the correct gender to be friends with the other's...could it have worked out more perfectly?!!?

Happy Birthday to your Bryce man!! I hate Spongebob...but kids do love him for some reason and your cake is awesome!

Anonymous said...

He is so fun!! Love the little pics of Crew and Will
Tears again. This is impossible!

royce and aubree said...

happy late birthday bryce! we sure miss you guys so much! it has finally set in that we aren't coming back and i'm so sad! at least we have a few more visits before we have to say our final goodbyes! looks like you're having fun with your sister and her family!