Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Dayz

SOO.. where to start? Aug. 5th would be a good day! That is the day that Desi, my sister moved here to sunny California! YeS! Why? Her hubby is an eternal student. {A law degree just isn't good enough- there has to be a masters on top of it} So they moved here! Yeah for eternal students!!

The week they moved here, ALL of my family came to help move them in and play!! AND we played!! It was such a fun un-vacation for me... the kinda vacation where you do everything like you are out of town going crazy but then get to sleep in your own bed. So nice.

We started of the week with family pictures at Laguna beach. Which is just sooooooo .. sooooo... beautiful. The rocks and plants and ocean are just amazing. I had never been to that one before and was very impressed. We love the nautical/beach town feel of Newport and the fun surf miles of sand feel of Huntington too. But nothing is quite like the feeling of seeing such unique nature.

  My girlfriend GERI is an awesome photographer and did the photos.. they will be coming soon. Afterwards the kids were goofing around and we snapped a few before grabbing dinner at Buca de Beppo.

Probably my favorite day with the family was the beach day at Huntington. Everyone body boarded and jumped through the waves.. even a few of the kids. Built sand castles and just relaxed.

The even the mother of this grand family caught some waves! Holla molla!
 there she goes..

Jacks first time out on a board!

Addi and Jack have a connection...

We topped off the evening with a bonfire. Have you ever roasted Starburst? AMAZING.
 Addi and Brock have a connection... maybe its just Addison, she is such a sweet little girl. And just LOVES everyone. She really does just have such an affectionate nature. A very tender heart.
 or maybe is just Brock and his smirk that gives old women butterflies (this has been known to happen- my mothers friends have confessed. GROSS eh?!
 The big boys.
The little boys.
My favorite picture of the week. Mom and Jack.

We played some more at Soak City. Loved it there too. We are water people if you haven't noticed ;)
 It's gotta be his smirk. You know.. that smirk used to be the smirk that said to Desi and me.. "I just pulled off all your barbies head and stripped them naked AND cut their hair off! hhehe"
They do have a connection though. And Brock no longer plays with destroys Barbies.

And we were exhausted. Well the girls and the kids were so the guys to a hiatus up to Six Flags and we had yet another water day. The kids play at our pool while moms put there feet up.
Will and Crew lounging beside us.

We wrapped up the week with guys golfing in the morning and girls seeing the Help at night. I haven't had a girls night with my mom and sister in a long time. It was so nice to spend time with them with out the crazy kids jumping all around. The HELP was such a good movie too.. not as good as the book- but what movie is?

After the extended family left Des and I took our families up to LA to the Getty Museum and the Temple. Another beautiful day. Des has some good pictures..

So many adventures I don't want to forget! It has been so nice going to school in a place where family wants to come visit. We kinda lucked out that way.

Enough for this post!! A little novel of its own.. and on the way~ KINDERGARTEN pictures!! 


The Shelton Family said...

Oh it makes me so home sick to see all the pics of you guys at the beach....miss ya!

Jonathan & Bree said...

That is so fun ya'll live by each other now. I knew she was moving to Cali but didn't know how close you were. I would love to have one of our family members out here. I feel you on the vacation thing it is nice to live a vacation and sleep in your own beds and have people want to come visit. Love it!