Sunday, July 24, 2011


Is summer just flying by or what?! I can't believe July is almost over.. which means in August my sister Desi is moving to California!! And practically going to be my neighbor!! SOO excited for this. And August also brings something so crazy... soo unimaginable... sooo uncomprehendable...... SOOoOO exciting and SOOO going to change my life FOREVEER!!! 

... that is Addison is going to start Kindergarten. 

I say that my life is going to change. Having a 3 kid pretty much did me in as far as having any free time. But now. I HAVE to have a very strict routine. I mean. I can be 15 minutes late to playgroup.. but 15 minutes late to kindergarten is another story. Packing a sack lunch everyday. Having nice school clothes. Keeping up with homework assignments. Dropping of and picking up at EXACTLY the same time 5 Days a week without being late. 

...3 kids changed my life, but really KINDERGARTEN is going to change my life. 

And not that it is all bad, in fact I am thrilled for Addison. She is so social and just bubbling over excited when we even mention going to school. This will be wonderful for her.. just a big change in my daily life.

So for now I am just enjoying the summer, trying not to stress over the daily messes and just play with the kids as much as I can. 

Here's what we've been up too lately..

 I've been making yummy treats like this watermelon granita. {Thanks Pioneer Women}
Don't forget to roll your limes! 

 Crew is helping Dad study
 And being just as cute and smilie as ever, really though folks, I just can't stop smoochin him.

He is 3 months now! Such a big boy! Not really though.. he's actually kinda petite man. His 2 months stats were 11 lbs 11 oz and 24 inch. {Up from 7 lbs 7 oz and 19 inch at birth) He's long and lean! 

 Addsion is just turning into a little girl and already getting moody..  .. yikes.. her favorite phrase lately is "OH MY GOSH!" I can't get her to stop saying it. She thinks my option of GOODIE GOODIE GUMDROPS! is too hard. Lame.
 Despite the occasional mood, she is just a wonderful girl. She loves her Brothers to death and is just a little copy cat to me. One day I caught her sitting with the boppie and nursing cover on holding a toy baby up to her b#%bies. She is taking this want-to-be-just-like-mom a little far!
We've had a few talks about nursing since ;) She is just a little sweetheart and will be a wonderful little mommy someday. 

And then there is Bryce. Looks all sweet and cute right? Well look again.. 
This is him most of the time. A crazy smirk on his face, just wait for his moment to go scare the baby and make him cry. No joke either. Crew will be lucky if he makes it to 2 with Bryce as his older brother. I am trying. Trying to tame the beast. 

I love Bryce to death. He can be just a sweet little man, and he is actually pretty sensitive. I just wish I saw those times more often. Again, trying. 
 Otherwise we are happy and healthy. Eating alot of fruit. Swimming the summer away. And just enjoying life.
Occasionally we catch a movie too.


Kristi M. said...

I am so excited for Gunnar to attend kindergarten too! He is so ready and so excited. Crew is so cute. I love it when babies start getting a little older to engage a little more with the world around them. I bet you are over the moon excited that your sister is going to be near. I don't blame you. Sisters are the best.

Jivin' Johnson's said...

I kinda can't believe Addi is going to be in Kindergarten! How fun and exciting! Crew is adorable, I love the pic of him helping Brandon study! :)

The Staley Family said...

Cute pictures and what a beautiful family. Love the strawberries on the fingers-YUM! Your little guy is so darn cute...well they all are. Trying to "tame the beast" -love that line and feel the same way most days! Don't even want to think about kindergarten-thankfully I don't have to for a few years. Definitely life changing.

Angie & Neal said...

Love your cute little family! Can't believe that when you moved her Addison was only 3 and now she's going to Kindergarten!Time Flies!