Friday, July 8, 2011

Hardwork pays off

 A summer project for my parents...
...all done
now Grandma can just hold the babies and enjoy it.

meet sammy.. the great dane and dash... the lab
they love the pond
and we do too

My brother Brock prefers the four wheeler
 I prefer the summer evenings, enjoying the warm air, rocking and watching the sunset.
 the rose bushes starting out beautifully
This pond has been here since we built the home. But is has never looked this good.

My parents and brothers hard work really paid off.. we are DIY kinda people. 
Good Work


Jivin' Johnson's said...

Looks amazing! props for DIY! Someday I'll have a backyard that is just as amazing!! ** SoMeDaY**

Clark and Katie said...

Looks great and I can't believe Addi's five either. It was fun to see you today! And I didn't do a full assessment, but you didn't look like you had a mom bum!

Isaak and Jackie said...

you guys have been super busy, how fun for you! Everything and everyone looks so beautiful. The party theme and decor was simply breath taking, what a fun mom you are!