Friday, June 3, 2011


... warning... this is a long journally post.. and a little indepth..Since Crew's birth things have gone pretty well. I was stressing like crazy what would happen as none of my family was going to be able to come and help and Brandon was in the heat of finals of the arguably the hardest semester of optometry. I went into things just expecting the worst.. the house to be a disaster, kids to be crazy and un-bathed, and plenty of aches and pains. Which I think expecting the worst made it seem better, hah! So much for positive thinking!!
When I came home from the hospital I was achy and sore but not terribly, I could sit and walk just slowly. The kids were pretty well behaved and Addison was so helpful. I also was blessed to have so many awesome friends that live close. We had plenty of dinners and the kids had multiple playdates.So recovery was going very, very well... infact it was too good to be true, something bad had to happen of course. And maybe I was pushing my luck being too active.About 2 weeks out I went to bed one night just feeling really achy. (I ache alot :/ ) I had a few bodyaches but took some ibprophen and blew it off. Went to bed {whatever that means when you are up every 2 hours nursing} and in the morning felt worse. As the day progress I thought I was going to keel over. I felt so sick, and every nerve in my body was on fire. I had a fever, was breaking out in sweats and chills. I hurt so bad and couldn't figure out why.

I called my OB and he was out of the office. Then I debated going to the ER and the thought of my co-workers checking my ladyness just horrified me so I found an Urgent care. Should have just gone to the ER. It's amazing that Dr. made it through med school. She had no idea what was wrong. She even did a rapid strep test?! I had no sore throat. Then sent me to the lab to check my CBC and didn't order it stat... so it would be processed in 3 days. I would have been dead in three days.

So I went back home and cried to Brandon. He was so distracted with finals I don't think he realized how sick I was. By morning I was all of the above and nauseous and light headed. {I honestly think I was starting to go septic} Anyhow I call the OB office at 9:01 and asked to be seen.. if not my co-workers were in for a surprise :) Of course they told me to come right over.

I still couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, I just hurt everywhere and felt like crap. My OB did a very through assessment.. no mastitis.. no blood clots.. but my episiotomy site had a raging infection. He check my uterus... which just 2 weeks out of birth was not fun. And THANKFULLY it had not traveled up there yet. Who know what would have happened to have a uterine infection. He put me on a strong antibiotic four times a day. It took a few days before they started working but eventually they kicked in and everything subsided. Once all the bodyaches were gone, I could feel the pain in the stitches. They had been masking it all along.

The day after the Drs, my mom came!! She had planned to fly in this day for months and what perfect timing too! I need her more than ever to help now that I had this infection. She was soo good too. So helpful with the kids, cooking all the time, getting me water, letting me take naps and just being there for me. I LOVE you Mom!! Thank you so much! She was able to say and just hangout for 10 days! By the end I was feeling great and still am doing very well.. missing my sleep.. Crew is a hungry boy.


Jivin' Johnson's said...

Oh my gosh Aub, I'm glad you got things taken care of. How poopy to have the beautiful new baby and be sick!

The Staley Family said...

Congrats on your beautiful little boy. Hope you don't mind I linked to your blog from Desi's and love reading birth stories. Funny I had a lot of the same experiences with my little girl's delivery. Epidural not in time=no fun, but I felt SO much better after then with my first-I tore really bad too. Thank goodness for moms they are the best. Glad you are feeling better. There are so many babies coming right now that at least you know there are a lot of us up with very hungry babies! Congrats again. Beautiful family!

Kurt and Michelle said...

Oh I am so so sorry! I wish we lived by you I would have LOVED to take your kids for you! I am glad your mom was able to be there, they are always so needed after a baby:)

Isaak and Jackie said...

I am so glad you are okay, sounds so horrible. I love it when moms come to the rescue, I still want my mom when I don't feel good.