Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crew's Birth

A month later I am finally posting what I said I would in a few days... I have to say things have been busy. 3 kids are busy. A newborn alone is busy, plus two others. So I am just grateful that I have a moment right now where Addi and Bryce are playing cars and barbies together {the barbies are at a movie sitting by the cars ;) theater built out of lego's and doll house toys, so funny }. And my sweet little one is peacefully napping in his swing. I have been cleaning and doing laundry all morning; I finally threw my hair up in a bun (yes a bun) and now am exhausted so I am sitting down to BLOG!! I justify this while neglecting the dishes because I am also JOURNALING!! right?! Sure I am.

So I really do need to record Crew's Birth Story so here it goes... it might be a little lengthy and a little to detailed for the average reader, so beware: this is BIRTH story...

My due date was April 27th/28th, (they kept changing it on me) and I was induce a whole whopping day early. Why induction you may ask? Well... Bryce.. my brute of a boy and child number 2 came in a speedy fashion. after only 1 hour of contractions I was completely dilated and shaking off the bed ready to push him out. He was however 9lbs 5oz?/ 22in and took 2 hours to actually get him out. totally time about 3 hrs?

Being that I live in the OC and have to take the freeway to the hospital, you never know what you are going to get. And being the 3rd child, a traffic jam could have left me giving birth in the car. So my lovely Dr. suggested that we schedule an induction, just in case, to have things controlled. I was a little apprhensive about this because I have to admit, I am not a fan of induction unless it is really medically necessary. During my OB rotation as a student nurse watched a few inductions turn to C-sections more or less because they were induced before their body was ready for labor. (too Early) My Dr. reassured my with the ease of my last labor I shouldn't worry and it would be better to have a little slower delivery for me and the baby. It took me a few weeks to decide and it felt right, as along as it wasn't early. It was scheduled for the 26th of April and I just barely made it.

The night before I was up with contractions.. nothing to strong but 3-5 mins apart. I almost went in on my own. And in fact the next morning when the nurse hooked my up to the monitor I was throwing contractions like crazy, again nothing to strong or regular so no labor but my body was plenty ripe.
All hooked up ready for something to happen!!

I was only dilated to a 2 (and had been for the past 2 weeks). I wasn't surprised though, I didn't dilate past a 2 with either of my other kids until I was actually in full labor. I arrived at the hospital at 7am. After all the health history and iv's and intros, they finally started the pitocin around 9ish. I was so nervous!! I was excepting to just pop the baby out with in the hour!! BUT I didn't. The pitocin didn't do anything. I was having contractions but no different than before the medicine was given.Still waiting and getting bored :)

Every half hour they turned up the dose of the pit. And still nada. So me and Brandon hung out in the delivery room just waiting for my body to take. Brandon got some study time in so it was nice for him.

Around 11 my Dr. showed up to break my water... this would really get things going. But I was still only a 2. So getting passed my cervix proved quite a challenge. After about 10 mins of excruciating pain on my part and unsuccessful attempt, my water was still not broken. While I was in tears, he informed me that my bag of waters was very thick and elastic. Humph. okay.

He said that he would let the pitocin work for a bit and let me dilate some more and try again in a few hours. So we sat a waited. And waited. My body just wasn't responding to the pit? Weird. I didn't know what to think? Was it wrong to do the induction? I was only a day early... I almost went into labor last night.. So why wasn't this working?! I felt a little silly and a little worried.

After another couple of hours the contractions did become more regular and slightly more intense. Nothing to crazy. But they were starting to make some progress because I eventually dilated to a four. My Dr. was back to break my water, so we jumped to do the epidural first before things really got rolling.

AND the ACTION begins ;) The Dr. who gave me my epidural was nice enough.. other than the epidural stunk!! It did nothing but make my right leg go dead. LoVeLy... why go through the risk of having my spine messed with when it doesn't even work?!

To continue, I received my poke in the back and my OB stepped in and broke my water. It worked perfectly this time around and immediately the true labor began and all the shakes. Crazy intense contractions right on top of each other. I jumped to a 6 in no time... Now at this point my Dr. leaves to go back to his office. Why he left is what confuses me because I think maybe 10 mins after he left. I felt PRESSURE-- crazy pressure. I HAD to {go to the bathroom} to put it nicely!! The nurse decided to check me and barely was able to advance because the babies head was on the way!!

Then the weirdest feeling ever, I started pushing.. and the Dr. wasn't there yet... well I should re-phrase that, my body started pushing. I couldn't help it- it was the strongest sensation that hurt like crazy but I just HAD to push!? So weird. I never felt this part with either of the others because the epidural dulled everything. I told the nurse the baby was coming and asked if the Dr. was going to make it?! I felt like I was going to freak out... but I must same I maintained my composure pretty well.. No screaming just alot of crying.

The Dr. runs in all sweaty because it was like 3 in the afternoon and 90 degs outside. He ran from his office (ha! see? why did he even leave?) He threw on the gown and gloves and I was pushing... and yes. It hurt. I was able to tell the Dr. where I was starting to tear so he gave me some local shots to numb the area.. because he then gave me an episiotomy. At least I didn't have to feel that. I was okay with the episiotomy because my last two, I tore in the same spot pretty significantly, and was beginning to again.. to avoid the old wound from just reopening he did the episiotomy on the other side. And it worked.

I pushed for maybe 20-30 minutes and little baby crew's head came... very intense pressure as his little body just sat in the canal. Ouch... made me cry a little more. Then the Dr. asked Brandon if he wanted to deliver the baby! My inital reaction was how awesome! Then I thought... What?! Don't drop him! But it was pretty awesome.. with another push Brandon caught our little man and he was out!! The set him on me and my first reaction was how small he was! He was just so tiny to me and had such beautiful small features!! It was amazing.. and I cried a little more :) Brandon cut the chord and the rest was routine. I was amazed how quickly the pain of labor ceased. Seriously once the baby was out, it was over! I don't think I am ever going to attempt an epidural again. Now that I have been through it and know what to expect, and know that I can do it the fear is gone and think I might try to power through the next delivery? We shall see! Crew cried and cried and was perfectly healthy! He weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches long! An average sized but tiny compared to my last babies.. no wonder he looked small! And he was so beautiful. He began nursing very well from the beginning. And recovery went very well in the hospital. We were home after 2 days. He had a little jaundice but nothing requiring phototherapy. He is still just beautiful and an amazing little creation. Even on the third child, the experience is just awesome and we are so in love. Thank you Heavenly Father for this beautiful child!


Emily Moffat said...

Ooh ooh! I want to hear the rest! I love hearing people's birth stories! So glad you would share!

Jivin' Johnson's said...

That's sweet that Brandon got to deliver Crew! That sucks that your epidural didn't work but cool that you got to experience true labor;) maybe someday I'll be beave enough for no epidural:P

brittany+scott said...

Loved reading your story. Can't believe your epi didn't work! That stinks but heyyy you did it! So happy little Crew is a healthy and strong boy! He is just the sweetest thing! Good job momma!!

Emily Moffat said...

Thank you for sharing your story! I'm glad it went so well in spite of the epidural "failing.". Nice to hear someone speak positively about it despite the pain. He is so beautiful, Aubrey. Glad your family came to help and that your recovery is going much better!