Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mumsie and Friends

I mentioned in the previous post that my mom was able to come to my rescue about 2 weeks after I had Crew... which was just in the nick of time, she came right when I became sick. BUT after a few days of killer antibiotics I was starting to feel better. We decided to have a few outings. Vegging out can be fun for a few days, but in a small apartment, everyone starts to get cabin fever, we chose to go to the Orange County Zoo. Why because we needed fresh air and something small and cheap.It was a nice afternoon.. It felt SOO nice to get out of the house! This little outing wouldn't have happened with out my mom. She was the extra hands we needed with the newborn and 2 crazy kids.Another little outing we had that probably would have been a disaster with out my mom was the beach! Some of our dear friends were back in town for graduation and the beach just seemed like the perfect place to reunite!Who knew a boogie-board was a perfect changing table?!

This crazy cycle happens while your in graduate school... you move in as first years, get to know everyone become best friends with some.. the year goes by and everyone starts to move! Then your second years and first years move in and you get a new group of friends, then the year ends and again the next class moves!! Its a terrible cycle. And a lovely one. I hate that all my friends keep leaving me!! But I have loved meeting the fun new couples join the cycle. These are a few that have left us sadly..
Stephanie Waite, Erin Neville, Krystal Pfau, Me, and Shunae Shelton

the chick-lets- {Jada Shelton, Eva Neville, Ruby Pfau, Addi and Bryce} This was the best picture.. in every picture at least one kid was turned around or making a ridiculous face, at least in this we can see them all!
Zac Pfau, Travis Shelton, Paul Neville, Waite, and Brandon
And the guys.. being crazy as usual.Erin Neville and her little girl Nora, she was born just a few days after Crew and was about the same size. So precious...Crew's first time at the beach! 3 weeks old at Hungtington.. lucky little guy. AND lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma


Shauna said...

Thank goodness for Grandma's!! looks like a fun time at the zoo and beach. You look great too of course!

The Shelton Family said...

Loved seeing you and your cute family! Miss you like crazy:(

Steve Finnell said...

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