Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Fish

A week or so ago the weather here was HOT. We spent just about everyday at the Pool.  Some where along the lines my kids turned into fish. Can I just say, it makes me so proud?! I LOVE water. I grew up boating, wakeboarding, and swimming, lifegaurding and teaching swim lessons and anything else that has to do with water. 

And not just that I love to play in water, but if you really take a moment to think about the properties of water and how essential is it for life, how pure it can be and how much it does for us, really H2O is pretty incredible stuff!

The other day I was reading the nutrition label for a bottle of water. And was amazed. Because of its simplicity. 

It would be a sad day for me it my kids didn't love water as well.

 Bryce loves water but was hesitant to just get out there and swim.... I don't mind a healthy fear of water either. It is a powerful entity and should be respected..Ironically as a child my greatest fear was drowning. For a long time he was perfectly content to splash and go crazy on the stairs. 

but I broke him in ;) with a little help of some floaties and just letting him bob around holding my hand. He screamed a little, but the screams turning in to giggles and now he is doggie paddling around.

He was so pround of himself. I think he said "I SHIMMIN!!!" about 1,002 times. the other 1,003 times he would add, "WOOK! WOOKIE!! DAD! I SHIMMIN!"

 He has some buddies that are crazy little fishes! There example is helping, so fun.
 Addison has just taken off in her swimming skills. She is floatie-free and doing front flips in the water.Occasionally her nickname is Ariel.
I have to say that the days at the pool are soo nice. I am just kind of a furnace so the water really helps cool things off, not to mention neutralize the weight of the baby. It plain feels good. If I am lucky I'll get one more pool day before the baby?!

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