Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling All over the PlAcE!

 I have put off posting the past couple of days because I just can't decide what to say! Mainly because my emotions are constantly doing a 180 on me. With good reason too, I am 37 weeks and 5 days along... which means that I will have a baby very very shortly.. probably sooner than I even realize!

And it makes me feel soo excited, but then I really start thinking about the logistics of it all and I start freaking out inside a little bit! (Alot a bit). THEN I start stressing about what I need to do and get accomplished. Then I realized what I have ready and start to calm down. Then I get happy and content. Then I feel so blessed and start crying. Then I think about the little boy about to join our family and I get excited and I start all over again.

If you don't believe me ask my husband, he will attest.

I think for now I will focus on the blessed feelings.. I really do feel so blessed lately. I just know so many wonderful people here in our nook of Orange County. I have the best girlfriends, just moved out of a stellar ward (bummer), and have the best work.

All of them have been so supportive of this pregnancy I just am amazed. My work has been so flexible and understanding of my handicap.. aka not picking up/moving patients. They even threw me a little baby shower at our last staff meeting. So cute of them.

My old, very much missed ward, held a shower for me as well.. and it was at Susie's house.. meaning it was beautiful just because her home is amazing!

delicous food..

wonderful company..

and adorable gifts!

Then my wonderful girlfriends mainly from the Optometry School had a little GNO in honor of the baby! Who doesn't love a night of no cooking, good food, and girl time! It was so fun to be with friends!

So you can see why I feel so blessed. Not to mention that pregnancy is going well, I can no longer sleep and every little movement hurts just a bit, but to me that is just a sign that its baby time!

Brandon is doing great in school and has been so supportive when he can be. He is usually very busy studying and at clinic, but doesn't complain about occasionally giving me a break and putting the kids to bed or doing the dishes. Those few breaks keep me going!

I just love my two little chicken nuggets at home. They are so fun.  Addison talks non-stop about the baby and what a good little mommy she is going to be. She asks 10,001 questions and is so interested in everything. I wish I had her curiosity and energy. Bryce is slowly starting to talk more and is just a little sweet heart. He can make Addison laugh so hard it is ridiculous. They are the cutest little buddies.

(going swimming)

I have been so BleSsEd!! I am thrilled to meet this little boy, just hope all goes well. I am trying not to think about the week after the baby, that might be alot of 180s. ... I better stop.. I can feel my emotions turning already ;).. I am thinking too much..I will start stressing soon..
For now I will just remember my blessings. The rest is inevitable.


Jones Family said...

Wow! this pregnancy is really coming to an end shortly! you look adorable. I'm so excited for you to add another cutie into your home! good luck these next few weeks, and don't stress!!! HeeHooHeeHooHeeHooHeeHoo!! love ya.

Adrienne said...

i am totally empathizing with you reading this post! my emotions feel all over the place too. like i want to hurry up and have him, but at the same time i want him to stay inside as long as possible. guess we'll both just have to go with the flow. like you said, the best thing to do is count blessings! wish i could've been down there to celebrate your baby boy with you. next time i'm down we'll have to get our little guys together :). good luck with everything!

Tucker's said...

Hey if you need help with anything PLEASE let me know! I will be a lot more helpful now then I will in a couple weeks :) so take advantage! haha Keep hanging in there :)

Isaak and Jackie said...

you look amazing. I totally empathize with you about the emotions being all over. Having a baby is such a bitter/sweet feeling. You'll do great.

*LaUrA* said...

hahaha I just had to giggle at your description of your emotions...we can all sympathize and have been there and that is why we can laugh too.

Your shower looks amazing!!And yay for a bumbo!

So excited for you!

Travis said...

I completly understand! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see the little cutie!

Travis said...

Sorry that was me:) (Shunae)

Kurt and Michelle said...

So excited for you guys! I am sure you will do great with another little one. You have always been able to handle whatever comes your way, so excited to see pictures of him.

Giselle said...

You look fabulous! Good luck with everything!