Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Dress Tutorial Has Arrived!!

Like I mentioned before.. I finally have some time to get back to projects ;) and of course projects are always the last on the priority list. This one was a little justified though... Addison is hurting for some new dresses! The rest are old and short. A few weeks ago I posted about a dress I had made her, well I made another and took pictures along the way, typed of very detailed instructions and made a tutorial! 
Click here to visit my sisters design blog I occasionally contribute to and see the complete tutorial. Its cheap, its easy, and what little girl doesn't love a dress her mom made just for her? 
 Addison and I got a little picture happy. 
She cracks me up, she poses her self and makes up all the facial expressions. She is not a shy one.

We actually had alot of fun walking around taking pictures. She found a little "Rollie Pollie." who became her pet. Call me crazy, but seeing my little girl with her finger nails painted, all dressed up and picking up bugs in the dirt gave me such great joy!! I am not kidding either...I firmly believe that women can be tough, get dirty, and work hard while still being an elegant and beautiful person. {Maybe not always at the same time}
Well.. she was so beautiful while playing in dirt with bugs.. so I guess that it is some what possible. (Just don't get the new dress dirty)


Tucker's said...

I really like the dress! You have a beautiful daughter :)

The Whipples said...

My Addie has also been in need of some new spring dresses, and I love this one! I think I'll even start it today! Thanks for sharing. Have you been working on any other baby projects?

Tiffany said...

The dress is adorable. I think I will make one for Grace. Every time I look at your blog I wish we lived close and could have craft parties!! how is the pregnancy going?